[WATCH] Lydia Abela: ‘this pandemic has defined Malta’s strong values’

Malta is a country of reassurance, even at a time of a global pandemic, Lydia Abela says

Lydia Abela
Lydia Abela

Lydia Abela, wife of Prime Minister Robert Abela, said that the coronavirus pandemic has defined the core values of the Maltese people.

Sending out a message to the Maltese people on Facebook, Abela said that people should hope for better things to come.

“This pandemic has defined the strong values of our country… solidarity, love, family. It made us appreciate the simple things and appreciate one another more.

“If we all do our part and not go out needlessly and follow the guidelines, this challenging time won’t last long. Keep in contact with your loved ones; there’s nothing better than communication and raising each other’s morale,” she said.

Addressing the elderly and vulnerable people who were isolated at home, Abela said measures to curb the infection were only temporary and there will come a time when people will be reunited with their loved ones.

She encouraged parents who were with their children at home.

“We have more time with them now. We’re using this time as a tool to build the relationship between each other, doing activities that we otherwise would not have time for,” she said, adding that children should still keep in contact with their friends and grandparents.

“Don’t worry about the other things. There are people out there taking care of your health.”

She thanked the healthcare workers and those professionals on the frontline who were still providing care and protection despite strict Covid-19 measures to curb the infection.

“I thank those who are making sure that our country remains a place of reassurance, even at a time of a global crisis such as this one,” she said.