Failure to remove Chris Cardona shows Abela is being held hostage, Nationalist MP says

Karol Aquilina lambasts Prime Minister for failing to remove Chris Cardona from his role as Labour deputy leader despite damning testimony emerging in the Caruana Galizia murder case

Nationalist MP Karol Aquilina
Nationalist MP Karol Aquilina

Robert Abela does not have the power to remove Chris Cardona despite damning testimony linking him to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, Karol Aquilina said.

Abela’s silence and lack of action showed the Prime Minister’s inability to take decisions in the country’s best interest, he added.

The Nationalist MP was reacting to testimony given this morning by Melvin Theuma, the pardoned middleman, who told the court how Yorgen Fenech used to implicate Cardona in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder.

Theuma, however, told the court he personally never had anything to do with Cardona and that it was Fenech who asked him to get rid of Caruana Galizia.

Cardona has denied any connection to the murder but with his name cropping up in court, many within the PL are pressuring him to leave the deputy leader post.

Abela has so far refrained from taking action, insisting that Cardona would do the right thing in the party’s best interest.

But Abela’s reticence to act was a sign of a “diabolical pact”, according to Aquilina, who accused the Prime Minister of being held hostage.

The Nationalist MP said that instead of removing Cardona, Abela was discussing with him an exit strategy that will keep the former economy minister with an important role in the party.

“Robert Abela has to say what he is going to do with Chris Cardona and explain why he refrains from taking action against him,” the PN said.

Aquilina said the Prime Minister should work to safeguard Malta’s reputation.

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