PN MP says he abstained on Delia position in meeting with President

PN MP Stephen Spiteri says he abstained on his position on Adrian Delia in meeting with President George Vella last week

Nationalist MP Stephen Spiteri abstained on his position regarding leader Adrian Delia when meeting with President George Vella about the matter.

Speaking to Labour TV station ONE, Spiteri said he felt obliged to abstain in terms of whether he had or did not have confidence in Delia.

Spiteri justified his abstention by saying that his parliamentary seat was not his, but belonged to the people who voted for him.

He was amongst the Opposition MPs who met the President last week, after the majority of the PN’s parliamentary group backed a no confidence motion in Adrian Delia.

Spiteri is believed to be among the MPs who voted against Delia in the parliamentary group meeting, but abstained when asked about the matter in the meeting with Vella.

“I am registered as having abstained,” Spiteri said.

On Sunday, the 19 rebel MPs who supported the no confidence vote motion said they were confident that the President would appoint their nominee, fellow PN MP Therese Comodini Cachia, as Opposition leader.

"The 19 members of the PN parliamentary group are fully confident that the mechanism provided by the Constitution will lead to Therese Comodini Cachia being appointed as leader of the Opposition, according to the unanimous choice of the 19 parliamentary group members," they said.

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