Time has come for action against those harming party - Delia

In reaction to MaltaToday survey, Adrian Delia says he will be taking action in coming days against those who want to harm the party

Adrian Delia was speaking on Sunday morning in an interview on NET FM
Adrian Delia was speaking on Sunday morning in an interview on NET FM

Updated at 11:54am with more comments from Delia during Sunday morning interview on NET FM

Adrian Delia has said he will in the coming days be taking action against those intent on harming the party if they were unable to lead it.

The embattled PN leader acknowledged that the latest MaltaToday survey results were "not at all positive" and said that "the time for decisions has come."

The survey, published today, confirmed Adrian Delia’s inability to better his trust rating in the face of Labour’s supremacy, with Therese Comodini Cachia – the MP chosen by the rebel backbench to be appointed Opposition leader – mustering as much trust as Delia. 

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In a reaction to the results, Delia said on Facebook this morning that there were those within the PN who were only interested in harming the party if they weren't allowed to dictate things.

"[There are those] whose work is intended solely to lead to survey results such as today's," he said.

"Let me be clear: there is no place within the PN for these people. In the PN, there is place for all those of goodwill," he said. "In the coming days, I will be taking action."

Delia said he would not resort to the argument that the survey had taken place in "the worst week for the PN, when a number of MPs plotted against me."

"I will say only that the time for decisions has arrived - and maybe you are right to say that I should have acted long ago. But my conscience and duty demanded that I first do all I could to also welcome those who never wanted me," he said.

His statement comes after the Nationalist MPs who successfully led two no-confidence motions against PN leader Adrian Delia said, in a reaction to the MaltaToday survey, that they are determined to forge ahead with a new leadership election.

The PN rebel MPs are considering moving against leader Delia once more by collecting 150 signatures from councillors to call a General Council meeting to vote on his future.

PN is at a crossroads

Speaking later in the day during a telephone interview on NET FM, Delia said that the Nationalist Party now fund itself at a crossroads.

"Decisions have to be taken. What does the PN want? What do the people want?" he asked, "Do they want the same attitude of the past years, were attention wasn't given to the will of the people?"

"I became leader three years ago with the promise of a new way. And this means makingt he PN the party of the people. But there are those who don't want this, becuase they prefer the way of the past."

He reiterated that there were people within the party who wanted to, rather than see it go forward, disrupt it all they could.

Turning to the MaltaToday survey results, Delia asked how his trust performance in surveys could improve when the party was engaged in internal fighting.

"It is usseless for me to go to court, month after manths, in a battle to returns the hospitals to the people when, instead of speaing about this [corruption] we are caught up with internal issues," he said.

Delia said he would continue his Vitals court case with even more determination.

Asked what kept him going, Delia said that it was the belief he had that he was doing something good for his children, for the party and for the country.

"Nobody can threaten me with anything... There is nothing on my conscience which can dirty my name... there is nothing anyone can reveal that would shame me or the country," he said