PN wants schools to reopen but guidelines are needed

Better planning and consultation is needed, says Nationalist Party spokesperson Clyde Puli on schools reopening

Conference held by the Nationalist Party on education and COVID-19
Conference held by the Nationalist Party on education and COVID-19

The Nationalist Party is calling for schools to reopen in September, with proper planning and consultation to prepare for different scenarios. 

Education spokesperson Clyde Puli put forward the party's concerns and suggestions for the opening of schools in September in view of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Puli called for a calculated plan that can tackle different scenarios, along with thorough consultation with all stakeholders who will ultimately implement whatever guidelines will be published. 

"Parents are doubtful over what will happen with their children, they don't have the peace of mind that everything will be okay in schools," he said.

He noted that studies have shown how children lost out on scholastic content, saying that e-learning is ultimately inferior to classroom learning, and should be done only when necessary.

Transport is also a point of concern with Puli questioning how social bubbles can be maintained if minibuses are carrying children from different schools on the same van. Different class sizes within schools also make it difficult to sustain these social bubbles.

"We want to make it clear that we believe children and students need school, and we need to do everything to make sure schools open in September. However, we should not do this at the expense of our progress so far," he reiterated.