COVID-19: Young healthy people being admitted to hospital, anaesthetists warn

Young, healthy people are being admitted to hospital with coronavirus the Association of Anaesthetists warns as it expresses concern on number of patients requiring intensive therapy • Virus surge risks creating stretching human resources

The Association of Anaesthetists has raised concern over the admission of young and previously completely healthy patients with no underlying chronic medical conditions as Malta grapples with a surge of COVID-19 infections.

The association said a higher number of patients requiring ITU hospitalisation was of major concern at a time when the seasonal influenza had not yet set in.

“COVID-19 patients in intensive care present a great challenge not only in terms of increased workload but also importantly in the demand for greater manpower and resources. This means more specialised and highly experienced anaesthetics, as well as specifically trained intensive care nurses, who provide 24/7 care to those patients,” the association said in a statement on Monday.

The association said that this “precious human resource,” is already being stretched as things stand today when the influenza has not even begun. The association said there was a limit to the possibility of this manpower expansion and without these experts, the chance of survival of these critically ill patients with COVID-19 will “undoubtedly be negatively affected.”

“It is high time, that as a nation we start acting more maturely and level headed, and be protective in our struggle against this serious viral infection. We need to act responsibly at all times and be more considerate of others,” it said.  

The association said it is important that everyone follows the public health recommendations including the wearing of facemasks (covering both the nose and mouth), practising social distancing, avoiding crowded areas, avoiding all activities which might result in social distancing being impossible, frequent and proper handwashing, encouraging mass influenza vaccination and refraining from going anywhere if unwell.

Earlier, the Medical Association of Malta called for tougher COVID-19 restrictions to be put into place, as it raised concerns over the increasing amount of patients being admitted to the ITU, warning that it was almost full up. 

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