COVID sceptics want removal of facemasks, accuse Gauci of creating ‘national panic’

Judicial protest against Public Health Superintendence claims COVID-19 situation in Malta is not any more serious than influenza

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci
Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci

A group of COVID-19 ‘sceptics’ are calling out what they say is a “national panic” on coronavirus cases which they say is unjustified.

In a judicial protest filed against the Superintendent for Public Health, a group of protestors, which includes the environmental activist and lawyer Rudolph Ragonesi of the Gaia Foundation, argued that public health restrictions are unlawful without a declaration of a public state of emergency.

The group is protesting restrictions of self-isolation on so called ‘asymptomatic’ carriers of the COVID-19 virus who are otherwise healthy, and are even doubting results from the PCR testing.

They are also accusing Superintendent Prof. Charmaine Gauci of failing proper due diligence by employing harsh restrictions without declaring a state of public emergency as required by law.

“She has not informed the public adequately or transparently enough whether the patients diagnosed with COVID-19 have indeed suffered serious symptoms. Had she done so, she would have given a more realistic picture of the national situation, rather than create a national panic on a disease that is no more serious than the flu or pneumonia, as doctors globally have said.”

They are demanding that the Superintendence adopts the Great Barrington Declaration, which has been signed by 45,000 doctors globally, and “immediately revoke decisions that do not make medical sense but breach fundamental rights, including draconian measures such as wearing masks in open spaces more than one metre away from other people; social distancing measures that prevent family gatherings, especially those in their last days of their lives, and other regulations preventing burials of relatives.”

They also want the revocation of “measures that force clubs and schools to police citizens” and for the publication of all scientific studies informing the COVID-19 strategy employed by the Public Health Superintendence.

Also thrown in for good measure, is a demand to stop the transmission of 4G Plus and 5G technology until the safety of these radio frequencies is determined, and to see whether there is a link between electromagnetic fields and deep-vein thrombosis.

The protestors said the PCR test was not useful in establishing who is infected by COVID-19, citing the word of Prof. Karl Henaghan, director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and former Pfizer chief science officer Dr Michael Yeadon. “They said the PCR test should not be used for diagnostic results of the virus, and that this resulting in a lot of false positives, up to 90% of all PCR tests.”

They claimed a large number of people allegedly testing “positive” for COVD-19, do not even have symptoms of disease, and therefore, they cannot be said to be sick.

“Instead these people are being referred to as ‘asymptomatic’. This category is of prejudice to healthy people who are labelled as sick or threats to others, without any scientific basis. They are subjected to strict measures to allegedly fight the spread of a contagious disease that has not yet been isolated. They are an imposition of quarantine, that is a power the law dispenses only on people who are sick, not those who are healthy.”

The protestors said the interpretation of the Superintendent’s powers were too wide and without legal or scientific basis, and was creating a national panic “last seen in the Second World War.”

“However, the data issued by the health authorities shows that the COVID-19 virus has not been serious in Malta, and not more serious than the seasonal flu, which even when it affects the elderly and immunosuppressed individuals, can still cope with it.”

The protestors said the Maltese public was being influenced by statistics issued by the public health department, with a picture of that appears “graver than it really is”, and without giving people a clear and realistic reason for the cause of deaths of people who succumbed to COVID-19’s effects.

“The public health department has never before published some daily or weekly list of elderly and immunosuppressed people who succumbed to influenza or pneumonia, which number in the hundreds every year… Today, even if a death is caused by some other disease when COVID-19 strikes, the authorities are raising a national panic because people are believing these people are actually dying of COVID-19.”

The protestors also said Malta has gone beyond WHO guidelines by ordering the mandatory wearing of facemasks, without any scientific evidence backing it. “This action cannot be considered as reasonable in a democratic society, as laid in the Constitution.”

“The draconic rule for people and children to wear masks as soon as they exit their homes or cars, is denying them the right to fresh and natural air or day long, and to allow their bodies to develop their immune system – something that is essential to fight viruses, pathogens, and bacteria. This is another reason why the Superintendent has failed to exercise due diligence in her role.”