Three soldiers, two prison guards and one police officer tested positive for drugs

National Security Minister Byron Camilleri says the Public Service Commission will be entrusted with wider powers in relation to drug testing on public sector officials as data shows six law enforcement officers tested positive last year

Three soldiers, two prison officials and one policeman tested positive in random drug tests during 2020. 

The information was tabled in parliament by the National Security Minister Byron Camilleri in reply to a series of questions by Opposition counterpart Beppe Fenech Adami. 

The minister said that from 141 random and mandatory drug tests performed on members of the AFM, three resulted positive for drugs. The number of tests does not include those performed on new recruits, officer cadets and also on members of the reserve force.

A soldier who refused to take the test was also relinquished from his duties. 

Two Corradino Correctional Facility officers tested positive for cocaine, after 41 tests were carried out last year.

From two tests for drugs on police officers in 2020, one tested positive for cocaine. Camilleri highlighted the amendments which are going to be made in the coming days in order to improve the drug testing situation.

The minister said the Public Service Commission will soon be entrusted with wider powers, including for cases where public sector officials refuse to take drug tests.

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