Police deny offering immunity to Dutch national in exchange for Theuma recordings

The recordings, taken by the Dutch fugitive between 2018 and 2019, allegedly show Daphne murder middleman Melvin Theuma to be fearful of Keith Schembri

Maltese police are categorically denying reports that Julian Hofstra, who is currently serving time at an Amsterdam prison, was offered immunity in exchange for recordings of Melvin Theuma.

Earlier today the Malta Independent reported that police have offered Hofstra legal immunity for recordings of Melvin Theuma and information on his links to Konrad Mizzi and Silvio Zammit. 

Konrad Mizzi's lawyer denied links to the Dutch inmate, despite a photo surfacing of the two at an Air Malta promotional event in 2018.

In a statement to the Malta Independent, Mizzi's lawyer Jean Paul Sammut said that there are no links between Mizzi and Hofstra. 

"While it would appear that the individual managed to have a photo of himself taken at a public event in the presence of Air Malta officials and our client, there is absolutely no connection between our client and the said individual.  Any suggestion of a link or impropriety is being strongly rejected."

MaltaToday had previously reported that Hofstra is being "pressured" to hand over the recordings, which allegedly show Melvin Theuma fearful of Keith Schembri and any retribution from him.

Hofstra’s allegation of phone recordings of Melvin Theuma, whom he befriended at the white taxi stand at Fenech’s Portomaso Hilton, in which the middleman allegedly speaks of his fear of Keith Schembri, the former prime minister’s chief of staff, has unleashed a furious storm of speculation. 

These included allegations that he could have aided Theuma in sending phishing emails to Yorgen Fenech; as well as another bizarre twist in which he befriended Silvio Zammit, who stands charged with bribery in the Dalligate affair, whom he could have helped in tampering some emails related to the EU tobacco scandal.