PN COVID action team insists government must implement more efficient vaccine roll out

The Nationalist Party’s COVID action team says vaccination centres must respect public health protocols and avoid excessive crowding of people waiting for the jab  

The Nationalist Party’s COVID action team has called for a more efficient vaccine rollout. 

It said elderly and vulnerable people are being skipped due to vaccination date issues.  

The COVID action team stated that vaccination centres should respect public health protocols by avoiding excessive crowding as people wait to get the jab. This can be achieved through more effective communication between government and stakeholders.  

It also said the use of family doctors and community pharmacies can be effective tools in order to fast track the country’s vaccination rollout.  

Gozitan residents should be vaccinated through a better system, which does not require them to cross over to Malta in order to get the jab.  

“People like Gozitan police are being sent to Malta in order to get vaccinated. This is absurd, and highlights government's shortcomings in the vaccination programme,” it said.  

The PN appealed for better transparency in the vaccination programme, through a more efficient contact tracing system, which according to it has collapsed.  

“Therefore, who is administering the programme has the responsibility of overlooking the process and ensuring its integrity,” it said.  

221 new cases of COVID-19 were registered on Tuesday, bringing the total number of active cases to 2,500.  

One death was registered in the last 24-hours. An 81-year-old man, who died at St Vincent de Paul. 

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