‘Bad governance piling pressure on public health’, PN says over COVID handling

PN: government mishandling of COVID-19 pandemic placing more pressure on public health, MPs say workers burnt out and contact tracing falling behind

Nationalist MPs Stephen Spiteri and Claudette Buttigieg
Nationalist MPs Stephen Spiteri and Claudette Buttigieg

The Nationalist Party has expressed concern over the increasing pressure placed on public health during the COVID-19 pandemic, due to what it said was careless governance and lack of transparency.

Opposition spokespersons Stephen Spiteri and Claudette Buttigieg said the Labour government’s lack of responsibility over health restrictions was posing a great threat for medical workers.

“I have met with doctors and nurses, and they say that they are burnt out. This increasing pressure with ultimately affect patient negatively. We are responsible for maintaining control over the situation,” said Nationalist MP Stephen Spiteri.

He noted the flaws identified in contact tracing, saying there was no control over who must stay in quarantine and how long they should do so.

On her part, Claudette Buttigieg referred to the conflicting messages conveyed by the government having instilled anxiety amongst the public. “There is a high level of anxiety felt amongst the people. If us politicians can’t understand the PM’s messages, what do you think the public is going to do?”

She said lack of transparency was a trademark of the government, which she accused of serving the economy over and above public health. “The recent death of Christine Said symbolizes how this virus makes no distinction from no one. This government cannot keep on ignoring this grave situation we are in. We feel that people are not always being heard. We are here to give them a voice.”