[WATCH] Corruption investigation ‘a political frame-up’, Anthony Bezzina says

PN MP Toni Bezzina summoned by police financial crime unit for questioning over a case that goes back to 2012 • Bezzina is suggesting that the corruption allegations being brought against him are false

PN MP Toni Bezzina
PN MP Toni Bezzina

Nationalist MP Anthony Bezzina has described the corruption investigation being pursued against him as a “political frame-up”.

After an almost four-hour interrogation session at the Financial Crime and Investigation Department, Bezzina suggested to journalists that the corruption allegations being brought against him are false accusations.

“This is a political frame up against me, now one hopes that certain things come out relating to what happened and what didn’t happen - and by who this happened, that is important,” he told journalists after exiting the FCID on Monday afternoon.

Bezzina is alleged to have coerced government employees in the Public Works department to carry out works at the Nationalist Party club in Żurrieq ahead of the Local Council elections of 2012.

According to Bezzina, police had never questioned him over the allegations.

However, a concluded inquiry into the allegations prompted police to take action.

As things stand, Bezzina remains the PN shadow spokesperson for transport.

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