[WATCH] PN gears up for election with document that will pave way for manifesto

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech and MP Claudio Grech kick off manifesto drafting process as Opposition gears up for general election

PN leader Bernard Grech chose Manoel Island to unveil preparations for electoral manifesto
PN leader Bernard Grech chose Manoel Island to unveil preparations for electoral manifesto

The Nationalist Party is heading into election mode with the launch of a thematic document that will guide its electoral manifesto in the coming general election.

The document, titled, An Alternative Government with Vision: with the Common Good at its Centre, is based on three horizontal themes that will define the party’s work over the coming years.

The document was unveiled on Monday at Manoel Island by party leader Bernard Grech and MP Claudio Grech, who is coordinating the process.

The three themes are the socio-economic vision, with a plan running until 2030; human values in a modern world; and good governance.

This is further divided into 14 policy clusters, forming the strategy that will help the party arrive at its vision. 

Among these clusters are quality of life, social wellbeing, the environment, an economy for tomorrow, and justice.

The PN will also seek to preserve “the identity of Gozo” while creating opportunities for Gozitans.

According to Claudio Grech, the PN will be elaborating on each cluster throughout the coming days and weeks. 

He said that there are 128 priority areas that will define the work of the party, not only as an Opposition but also as an alternative government.

“We’re showing the public where we want to go as a party,” he said.

Bernard Grech thanked the party’s candidates for their work in allowing this change in policies. “We’re here to serve people,” he said. 

While the document made few references to civil liberties, Grech said the PN will retain all those rights that have been acquired over the years, in particular that of access to IVF treatment and gay marriage.

“A few days ago, I made it clear that I want IVF to be free in Malta,” he said, explaining that while the service itself is free, the medications involved often cost thousands.

“A couple that went through this treatment spoke with us, they’re still going through this treatment, and they said they spent thousands to undergo IVF.”

In light of that, he firmly said that a PN government would work to make sure that IVF is free at every step of the way.

“If the Labour Party doesn’t do it, I will do it as Prime Minister,” Grech said.