Malta to accept UK green passport and EU COVID certificate as of 1 July

The health ministry has formally confirmed that as of Thursday 1 July, Malta will be recognising the UK’s two-dose certificate and the EU’s digital COVID certificate

Malta will start accepting the EU’s Digital COVID Certificate and the UK’s green passport as of Thursday 1 July, the health ministry has announced today.

A spokesperson for the ministry confirmed that currently, Malta only recognises the local vaccine certificate.

“As of 1st July Malta will also recognise the EU Digital COVID Certificate and UK green passports,” the spokesperson said.

The ministry said that from Wednesday, only fully vaccinated persons can travel to Malta from the UK. They will need to present a UK two-dose certificate before boarding. The EU’s digital COVID certificate will be accepted as well.

Children aged between five and 12 can travel if they accompany their vaccinated parents or legal guardian, provided they provide a negative nasopharyngeal PCR test carried out within 72 hours from arrival in Malta. Children under five do not need a test.

A Maltese resident or citizen not in possession of an accepted vaccine certificate can proceed to Malta only after seeking pre-authorisation from [email protected] , who would request a pre-departure PCR, 14 days quarantine and PCRs during the period of quarantine.

A health ministry update issued on Thursday never mentioned the UK vaccine certificates and had left many wondering about travel to and from the UK.

People in the UK told maltatoday that when contacting the COVID helpline for clarification, they were told in no uncertain terms that as of 1 July, the UK goes on the red travel list for Malta and that, therefore travel between Malta and the UK would be banned.

They did confirm that if you are Maltese or a Malta resident without the COVID certificate can apply by email to get permission to travel to Malta.