Going abroad? EU COVID-19 certificate required, separate from local certificate

Health Minister Chris Fearne says 75,000 EU certificates have been downloaded so far 

To travel abroad, Maltese will need the EU COVID-19 certificate, separate from the local certificate, Health Minister Chris Fearne said. 

The minister was speaking during a press conference on Monday, giving an update on the island's situation and a briefing on the EU digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

Fearne said last week Malta joined the EU system, but that currently, it only shows a person’s vaccination history. 

The health minister also said that from 15 July, it will be possible to download a certificate to show whether you have had a PCR test in the last 72 hours or previously had COVID-19.

The health minister reassured that staff at the Malta International Airport are equipped with the QR code scanners needed to verify vaccine certificates digitally.

He said the problems concerning the UK COVID-19 certificate had been sorted.

Parliamentary secretary Alex Muscat said the security system had been strengthened to align with EU requirements.

A total of 220,000 local certificates have been downloaded so far, with around 75,000 having downloaded certificates since the EU system was included. 

Those who have already downloaded the Maltese vaccine certificate must re-download it to obtain the European vaccine certificate. 

To download the national and European certificate:

  • Enter at certifikatvaccin.gov.mt.
  • Accept the privacy policy, and log in with your e-ID or alternative login. 
  • Enter the date of the second dose of the vaccine.
  • If you have already downloaded the national certificate, press "Reprint". If not, press "Generate".