PN appoints MEP candidate Peter Agius as chief spokesperson

MEP candidate Peter Agius will be responsible to lead party’s outreach efforts

Nationalist MEP candidate Peter Agius
Nationalist MEP candidate Peter Agius

The Nationalist Party candidate for the European elections, Peter Agius, is set to be appointed chief PN spokesperson to lead the party’s outreach efforts.

Agius is expected to take a leading role in the party’s efforts to reach out to new voters and interest groups.

Agius garnered over 10,400 votes in the 2019 European elections, the fourth highest in the PN line-up, preceded by Frank Psaila and incumbent MEPs David Casa and Roberta Metsola.

His campaigning efforts continued in the subsequent years with his messaging focused on core issues of EU competence, funding, as well as agricultural concerns and food safety.

Agius’s choice by party leader Bernard Grech is meant to give additional impetus to the party’s communication efforts to reach out to a wider electorate.

He will be tasked to “revive interest in the PN” – as one source descibed the appointment – by spreading the PN message through new ways of communication and updated use of traditional methods.

The insider indicated that Agius’s role will include the coordination of voices in Bernard Grech’s announced ‘partnership of ideas’ through which Grech hopes to secure popular approval by reaching out to those on the fringes of politics.

Agius was previously in charge of the institutional campaign for the European Parliament elections in 2014 in his role of head of the European Parliament office in Malta. He later joined the team of European Parliament president Antonio Tajani.

“This is a critical moment for the PN and the country and I want to respond to my duties as a citizen, as a father and as a political activist by doing my part to ensure that Malta has a strong alternative to the current labour government,” Agius said in a comment to MaltaToday.

“I will use recent experiences of campaigning all across our islands as MEP candidate to good use by contributing to a fresher perspective in the message of the PN to reach younger generations and voters without political affiliation. I call on all of those of good will to join in this effort.”