Pilot project to gather data on how businesses manage their resources launched

Data from the project will help in creating more environmentally sustainable businesses measures  

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli
Energy Minister Miriam Dalli

Energy Minister Miriam Dalli has launched a pilot project aimed at gathering data from businesses in order to analyse how they use their essential resources.

Data from the pilot project will help in the move towards more sustainable businesses in the country.

Speaking during the launch of ‘Merca’, Dalli said one of the essential principles of this project was to ensure that no business, large or small, “was left behind”.

Dalli said that in order to work towards sustainability, data first needed to be gathered regarding the consumption of business.

“We first have to see what is being consumed before we can determine what can be trimmed for business to become more sustainable,” Dalli explained.

She encouraged all those to do their part towards sustainability. “We must all play our part.”

“The knowledge on how to conduct one’s business more sustainably must be there for all,” SMEs Chamber president Abigail Mamo said.

She reassured that she keeps sustainability in mind when negotiating with businesses.

Chief Executive Officer at The Energy and Water Agency Manuel Sapiano said the data collection would help awareness towards sustainable work practices. 

“This is an opportunity for the sector to get more informed on waste consumption and to learn more sustainable practices,” Sapiano said.

Sapiano said the project wasn’t just about gathering numbers, but using the data to enact real change.