Malta faces another summer scorcher with temperatures soaring to 39°C

With highs between 37-39°C, this week's temperatures will feel more like a 41°C heatwave

Malta is facing another heatwave this week with temperatures expected to reach 39°C.

The Malta International Airport's seven-day forecast is predicting temperatures as high as 39°C, with lows at 27°C.

However, temperatures will more likely feel to be 41°C.

According to the Meteorological Office, these temperatures will be felt from Thursday and will persist, at least, until Sunday.

The heatwave is the result of a high-pressure system over northern Africa, delivering a blast of hot air towards the central Mediterranean.

Winds will be light to moderate, and will blow mainly from a northwesterly direction. Humidity levels will be low, in turn causing temperatures to rise.

"A heatwave is experienced when the mean monthly maximum temperature is exceeded by at least 5°C for three or more consecutive days," a spokesperson from the Meteorological Office explained. "The mean maximum temperature for July is 31.6°C, while that for August is 31.7°C".

The last heatwave that affected the Maltese islands stretched from June 20 until July 1, with a maximum temperature of 41.5°C recorded on June 30.