Robert Abela is weak, being controlled – Bernard Grech

Grech claims that Abela has been unable to break off from the former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

Bernard Grech, the Opposition leader, said on Sunday that Robert Abela is unable to make his own decisions because he’s being controlled by former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

During an interview on the Nationalist Party’s radio station, Grech claimed that Abela is incapable of breaking off from Joseph Muscat, and is in some way still controlled by him.

“It is evident that Robert Abela is weak and unable to take decisions. He is being controlled. Joseph Muscat doesn’t interest me, I already said he lost his credibility,” Grech said.

His comments came in response to a question on a recent interview held by Joseph Muscat, where he refused to rule out a return to politics. The question centred around Muscat, but Grech was more concerned with making his comment on Abela and his administration.

“The problem is that Robert Abela cannot cut himself off from Muscat because he is in some way still controlled by him. I won’t comment on Joseph Muscat, I’m only interested in our country and how we can get out of the situation we’re in.”

Grech went on to refer to a recent Times of Malta survey that showed the Nationalist Party to be making inroads among the electorate. He said that he’s pleased with the results, but emphasised that the party will continue working to show how it will bring about needed change to politics in Malta.

He also made reference to the public inquiry into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Grech noted that despite that the conclusions of the inquiry were published a month ago, Abela has remained relatively silent on the issue.

Grech eventually touched on issues in Malta’s justice system, particularly in the running of the law courts. He was asked about Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis, and said that he has ultimately failed in this area.

“To be honest and fair with Zammit Lewis, where certain laws come in he’s done good work – we have to acknowledge that. But in politics you can’t just look at the theory. We need to see the practice.”

“The situation has become alarming […] We can’t continue to tolerate this situation. We have a Justice Minister who is completely out of his depths, he’s failed politically as he was too close to alleged criminals, but he also failed because the court system is getting worse.”

Grech added that the judiciary is experience not just a backlog in cases but also lacks the resources and space necessary to deliver justice.