PM: Labour capable of recognising past mistakes, unlike PN

Prime Minister Robert Abela hits out at Opposition for basing its policy on social media talk  

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

The Prime Minister Robert Abela has said the Labour Party is capable of recognizing past mistakes, unlike the Nationalist Party.  

“Labour is the most trusted party, people believe our word. Our word is our contract,” he said.  

The statement comes after this Sunday’s MaltaToday survey showed the PM enjoying a 22-point lead over PN leader Bernard Grech.  

The trust barometer also showed the Labour Party enjoying a lead of more than 33,000 votes, which represents a drop of around 6,000 since July. 

Interviewed on party radio station ONE Radio, Abela insisted Labour is the only party with credentials to move the country forward.  

The PM also hit out against Grech for defending the extension of development zones undertaken in 2006, insisting it comes as no surprise, given two of its authors were once again active within the PN.  

“I wasn’t surprised because one of the architects of the 2006 local plan changes and the [equally controversial] rationalisation process is the same person who Grech has trusted with the party’s environmental policy,” he said.  

He also called out the PN for its “populist agenda”. 

“It’s easy to be populist and opportunist, but when you’re in the position you want to be in, being populist or opportunist doesn’t work when it comes to taking the right decisions for the country,” he added. 

Abela insisted the PN takes its position based on what is deemed controversial on social media.  

On the manufacturing sector, Abela said the Labour administration has reversed its negative growth.  

“The manufacturing sector knows where it stands with us. Support during the COVID pandemic helped retain employment and spur investment,” he said. “Investors see a government that believes in them.” 

During his interview, Abela also announced that a Labour Party General Conference is to take place between 17 and 20 September.