Over 700 roads rebuilt by Infrastructure Malta in three years

123 streets were built in 2021 alone

709 residential and rural roads have been rebuilt or upgraded by Infrastructure since 2019, with an average four roads been built every week.

Speaking at a press conference in Naxxar, Transport Minister Ian Borg said 123 streets were built in 2021 alone, with another 71 new rural roads in Malta’s countryside.

On top of this, works are underway on over 50 residential and 26 other rural roads.

Borg added that Infrastructure Malta is not only resurfacing the roads but also rebuilding them, often intervening by changing underground systems such as water pipes, drainage pipes, electrical cables and creating storm water systems.

Focusing on Naxxar, the minister added that seven out of 13 roads being rebuilt in the Sgħajtar area are nearing completion, with the topmost layer of asphalt to be laid once works in nearby roads are finished too.

Capital projects such as the Marsa junction and Central Link are not included in the figures.