Arrigo takes to Facebook to thank supporters for prayers, says he is recovering slowly

From hospital, the PN deputy leaders says everyone’s prayers worked as he slowly recovers from a blood infection caused by a kidney stone 

PN deputy leader Robert Arrigo has reached out to his friends and followers on social media as he recovers at Mater Dei Hospital after spending 10 days in the Intensive Therapy Unit.

It was the MP himself who, in a post on Facebook this morning, thanked everyone for their prayers.

He had been suffering from a blood infection caused by a small kidney stone.

He was admitted to hospital on 7 September, after he experienced some pains which were suggestive of presence of kidney stones.

“10 days in the ITU. I’m still in hospital but slowly improving,” he wrote. “Poison in my body caused by a small stone.”

Arrigo said everyone’s prayers helped.

“This is proof that the prayers worked,” he wrote. “You left me speechless.”

Within two hours, more than 1,600 people had left comments on Arrigo’s post, welcoming the news that he was recovering.

On Monday, his wife Marina had posted on Arrigo’s facebook that he had left the ITU and moved to another unit.

She thanked all doctors, nurses and staff of ITU for their incredible work and care. 

“We also would like to thank everyone for the support, thoughts and prayers,” she wrote.