Konrad Mizzi to attend Public Accounts Committee meeting

Former minister Konrad Mizzi says he will appear before the PAC, after the PN tabled a motion earlier today demanding his attendance

Konrad Mizzi (Photo: James Bianchi)
Konrad Mizzi (Photo: James Bianchi)

Konrad Mizzi confirmed that he will be attending the Public Accounts Committee on Wendesday where he is expected to testify on the Electrogas power station project.

Earlier today, the Nationalist Party tabled a motion, demanding Konrad Mizzi appear in front of the Public Accounts Committee tomorrow. Mizzi had refused to attend the PAC on two previous occasions.

“This motion is only an attempt to deviate the attention away from the discourse of the Prime Minister, with regards to the 2022 Budget,” Mizzi said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Illum, ftit siegħat qabel id-diskors tal-Prim Ministru dwar il-Baġit, in-Nazzjonalisti ressqu mozzjoni sabiex jiena...

Posted by Konrad Mizzi on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

“Although in the previous weeks, I chose not to attend as per the guidelines of the committee, today in order to not allow the Nationalists to disrupt the government’s work and the PM’s speech, I choose to attend the committee."

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PN insists on Parliament vote over Mizzi

The PN insisted that Prime Minister Robert Abela should still present a vote in Parliament over the motion it tabled.

“The Nationalist Opposition still insists that the Prime Minister should present a vote for the motion it tabled earlier, in order to ensure that Konrad Mizzi comes forward to testify in front of the Public Accounts Committee,” PN said. 

It said that Konrad Mizzi is still an integral party of the labour party and government, who still consider Mizzi one of them by still defending him to this day.

"If Prime Minister does not do this, it would mean a confirmation that he is truly a continuation of the most corrupt government in Malta’s history," PN said.