Mayor refuses to quit, PN says it gave her ‘clear counsel’ to vote against project

Naxxar PN mayor refuses to quit despite being asked to by Bernard Grech, says she is ‘morally convinced’ she should continue her work despite undeclared conflict of interest

Naxxar PN mayor Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami has refused Bernard Grech's call for her to resign
Naxxar PN mayor Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami has refused Bernard Grech's call for her to resign

Naxxar mayor Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami will not be resigning despite being asked to by Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech over an undeclared conflict of interest.

In a statement released on Monday, just hours before a 24-hour deadline to submit her resignation lapses, the mayor insisted she will continue to occupy her mayoral role.

On Sunday, MaltaToday revealed that Muscat Fenech Adami was the board secretary of a company which included among its shareholders the architect of a two-tower development in Naxxar approved last week. As Naxxar mayor, Muscat Fenech Adami voted in favour of the medium-rise development on the carpark site of the former trade fair grounds.

She later admitted with MaltaToday that she never informed the council of her involvement in the company that counts architect Edwin Mintoff as a shareholder.

Additionally, the mayor is CEO of Veduta Estates, a company that owns 14% of Chalet Bulgari, the company which includes Mintoff as shareholder.

PN leader Bernard Grech asked Muscat Fenech Adami to resign over the undeclared conflict of interest but was given 24 hours to make her decision. Failure to resign means that her case will be treated by the party’s ethics and disciplinary board.

PN secretary-general Michael Piccinino on Monday requested that the party’s commission on discipline and ethics commence an investigation on Muscat Fenech Adami. “The PN gave clear counsel to the local council to vote against this project. The PN expects the highest standards from all those who represent it.”

In her statement on Monday, Muscat Fenech Adami denied she had a conflict of interest, insisting she had no contractual obligation with Edwin Mintoff.

She insisted that her vote in favour of the trade fair car park development was a reflection of the decision taken by the Naxxar council.

“Conscientiously and morally I am convinced that I should continue my work as Naxxar mayor. This, also with respect to the strong mandate given to me by Naxxar residents… a mandate that should not be undermined by political games, more so when they are not based on facts,” she insisted.

Muscat Fenech Adami promised she will continue working for her locality along with the rest of the council.