Malta Gaming Authority dismisses Chief Technical Officer over data misuse

The case has been passed on to the police, with investigations being led by the Financial Crime Investigation Department

Former MGA Chief Technology Office, Jason Farrugia
Former MGA Chief Technology Office, Jason Farrugia

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has dismissed its former Chief Technology Officer, Jason Farrugia, over improper access and misuse of MGA data.

A spokesperson for the MGA told that the case has been referred to the police for their investigation. The investigation is being led by the police’s Financial Crime Investigation Department. 

The MGA announced on Thursday that Farrugia “no longer has any connection to the MGA and can no longer represent it or speak on its behalf”.

Farrugia had been with the MGA for 10 years, fist employed as a Licensee Relationship Executive, and later occupied the positions of Systems Monitoring Executive and Information Systems Manager respectively.

He was then appointed Head of ICT & Records and later as Chief Technology Officer.

In January Carl Brincat was appointed CEO, replacing Heathcliff Farrugia who stepped down in 2020. 

Heathcliff Farrugia is facing criminal charges following an investigation into trading in influence with Yorgen Fenech.