PN: ‘Government gave Steward millions, while it continued to shirk obligations’

The Nationalist Party says Steward Healthcare failed to delivers on their obligations, while the government continued to pay them millions 

Former PN leader Adrian Delia (left) and MP Karol Aquilina
Former PN leader Adrian Delia (left) and MP Karol Aquilina

The scandalous Vitals hospitals deal continues to affect everyone, while millions continue to be stolen from the public, PN MP Adrian Delia said on Monday.

Speaking alongside PN MP Karol Aquilina, Delia was reacting to an opinion piece published in the Times of Malta penned by the president of Steward Health Care Malta, Nadine Delicata.

"By her own admission, the deal was not well planned because it was done without thought and was not in favour of the Maltese people. Vitals created companies to cover up the abuses and were not keeping track of what they were spending, and they also admitted that they were given millions and no one from the government was checking what was being done by them," Delia said.

Delia had initiated court action against the government and Steward to have the hospitals deal rescinded. The court case is ongoing.

The former PN leader said the public would no longer accept those who do not tell the whole truth. He recalled how a couple of days ago in parliament, he spoke about the actions committed by Vitals and Steward.

Delia said that the contract was first made with Vitals and then passed on to Steward. All the admissions that come out of the opinion article published in the Times, Delia said, are admissions that count for Vitals, for Steward, and for the government.

He stressed that Steward had failed to do what was required of them, and during all this time, the government continued to pay millions despite getting nothing in return.