IVF: Government to cover all medication expenses till June, Robert Abela announces

Couples undergoing IVF will be receiving a grant for all IVF medicination expenses incurred after January 2022

Couples undergoing IVF will be receiving a government grant to cover all medicine expenses incurred after January 2022, Prime Minister Robert Abela announced on Sunday. 

Government will be refunding expenses relating to IVF medication through a grant for all couples. This scheme is backdated to 1 January, and will remain in place until new medicine arrived in June this year. 

Speaking at a political event in Tarxien, Abela pointed out that the January period meant the start of another IVF cycle for prospective parents. “These couples told us how important is was to see the legal changes needed for this opportunity to become parents in Malta. In the recent past, it was the norm to have to leave Malta for this opportunity,” he said.  

So far, the IVF procedure at the public hospital is carried out for free, which sees people undergoing treatment save up to €15,000 in expenses. However, the hormone therapy required prior to the IVF procedure is not free of charge and can easily set back patients by €3,000 for each cycle. 

Abela acknowledged this in his speech. “Couples told us that although the Maltese governments gives more than other countries, they still spend a lot on medicine. We're talking about thousands of euro.” 

He said that he recently spoke with Health Minister Chris Fearne on the government procedure to buy IVF medicines. “It’s a technical process that incolves public procurement regulations.” 

“It takes time. But for couples undergoing IVF we know that time is against them. They can’t afford to wait because of bureaucracy. Every day counts.” 

“We gave our word in the budget that IVF medicine will be free – that's what will happen. We will make sure that those who need it won’t have to wait any more, while making sure that government carries the burden of IVF expenses too.