Childcare centres refuse visits by government officials in protest over COVID-19 restrictions

Childcare centres have had their capacities limited due to the COVID-19 crisis

Childcare centres will be refusing visits and checks by government officials in protest over remaining COVID-19 restrictions in the sector, the Chamber of SMEs and Childcare Centres Providers Association (CCPA) said on Thursday. 

Current restrictions limit the number of children at a centre due to social distancing requirements. But in a joint statement, the chamber and association said that childcare centres were already bound by limited capacities due to their license before COVID-19. 

"These centres have had their capacities 'temporarily' amended at the peak of the COVID-19 crises, over two years, and this was never updated or removed," the statement reads. 

The actions will start with immediate effect. Only emergency situations, which are to be brought to the attention of the association, will be assessed and handled. 

The chamber and association said that current restrictions are prohibiting centres from operating in line with the thresholds granted to them by their license.

"This is not just resulting in loss of revenues but also lack of service to parents," they said, explaining that many parents end up on waiting lists or are only allowed to attend for a very limited amount of time. 

"It feels like we are living in a parallel universe where COVID-19 is only a threat in Childcare Centres. Otherwise, life is going on as normal, kids parties and all other activities are taking place as normal."