Scammers impersonating police, Identity Malta officials in fraudulent phone calls

Police and Identity Malta have issued warnings over scam callers identifying themselves as local authorities

Scammers are impersonating police and Identity Malta officials to access people's personal information.

In two separate warnings, the Malta Police Force and Identity Malta said that they were receiving reports of unknown callers ringing people up and asking them for their personal details.

Identity Malta said that the scam is targeting eID account holders, with the caller asking for login details while alleging that the account of the receiver has been hacked. 

The Malta Police Force said the scam uses a pre-recorded message to ask people for their ID information, postcode and/or card details. 

Some of the calls allege that the potential victim is linked to financial crime. 

These fraudulent calls resemble a string of scams from last year. Such criminals would use domestic entities such as the postal service or banks to send fake warnings in which the victims are asked to click on a link.

People are being advised to disregard such calls or emails since they can be fraudulent. 

Anyone who falls victim to these types of scams should immediately notify their bank on any unauthorised transaction and report the matter to the police.