PN considering options to ensure consumers get compensation for overcharged utility bills

PN energy spokesperson Mark Anthony Sammut raises issue of overcharged utility bills with regulator

PN energy spokesperson Mark Anthony Sammut
PN energy spokesperson Mark Anthony Sammut

Consumers should get back money they were overcharged by utility billing company ARMS, Nationalist Party MP Mark Anthony Sammut said, adding the party was considering its options.

The PN energy spokesperson was speaking after meeting with the Energy and Water Regulator, which is sticking to its stand that the billing system used over the years was in line with the law.

Sammut said the regulator informed him that it would be waiting for the outcome of an appeal filed by the government against a court ruling that found the system used short-changed consumers.

“In view of the fact that not even the regulator will act to stop this theft, the Nationalist Party is evaluating what steps it can take to ensure that consumers take back what is theirs by right,” Sammut said.

In a recent judgment in a case filed by two consumers, the judge declared that the method used by utilities billing company ARMS to bill consumers for their electricity consumption was not only incorrect, but illegal.

The issue revolves around the billing tariff and the fact that bills were issued every two months with no reconciliation at the end of the year, opening up consumers to the possibility of being overcharged.

Government is challenging the court ruling, although has committed itself to change the billing system as from the start of this year.

The Nationalist Party had pledged to refund consumers up to €50 million in overcharged bills during the last election.

Sammut said the PN will continue following the case to ensure consumers get what they deserve.

During his meeting with the regulator, Sammut also raised the issue of low and unstable voltage supply to households, which is causing problems to consumers.

“The regulator assured me it is treating these problems seriously and is insisting that in every case flagged, Enemalta provide a clear plan of how and when these problems will be solved,” Sammut said.