Foreigners who violate Maltese laws should be immediately deported, says PN

PN proposes that the armed forces start participating more actively in law enforcement

The Nationalist Party said that foreigners that violate the laws of our country should be immediately deported and prevented from entering Malta.

Through its home affairs spokesperson Joe Giglio, PN laid out its proposals for the strengthening of Malta’s security.

On Thursday, police had to intervene after a brawl occurred between over 20 people, thought to be of Syrian nationality, in the middle of the day.

Giglio said that the police forces should be strengthened by better working conditions. “Our police corps are demotivated, overworked, overstretched and underpaid. We can't keep going like this,” Giglio said.

He said that agencies that had a duty to enforce laws and increase discipline in the country, had to be strengthened. Giglio said that Identity Malta was “sleeping” and not taking action against those that violated the law.

PN also proposed that the armed forces start participating more actively in law enforcement.

“The courts should be allocated more resources and the Criminal Code should be rewritten to reflect the present realities. We still follow a procedure that was written in 1854.”

PN said that the practice of employing everyone within the public sector and then bringing foreigners to the country for work without the proper background checks, had to stop.

“These are proposals that show that we know what we are doing and that our country is only open to people of goodwill and that you can’t just come here and do what you want,” Giglio said.

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