Cataract operations cancelled at Mater Dei due to lack of surgical packs

Ophthamalogists say operatios cancelled on a regular basis since May due to lack of consumables

Mater Dei’s ophthalmologists have called for a long-term solution to the lack of consumables required for eye surgeries, after senior doctors were forced to cancel cataract operations.

The Malta Association of Ophthalmologists said that since May of this year, on a regular basis, patients have had their cataract operation cancelled because of lack of consumables required for surgery.

Most commonly this was due to a lack of the appropriate intraocular lens power, the lens insertion being that vital step for restoring the vision to patients, or lack of operating packs needed to carry out the surgery safely.

MAO president Mr Mario Vella said the association was demanding that a long-term solution, and not an ad hoc short term solution, is found by the Mater Dei authorities, to resolve any procurement problems for members at the Department of Ophthalmology to continue offering their service to patients.