St Albert College slaps MUT with court warrant to stop union for issuing directives

MUT claims that the school’s rector has asked to postpone the start of the scholastic year for students

The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) has received a warrant of prohibitory injunction from the rector of St Albert the Great College to stop the union from issuing more directives.

MUT declared a trade dispute last month against the Dominican Order and the Catholic Education Secretariat, which is the Maltese archdiocese’s education arm.

“The warrant is an attempt to stop the MUT from issuing additional directives,” the union said in a statement. “The union has never declared that it shall be escalating its directives at the college.”

The dispute in question was prompted after the college sacked Mario Mallia, who had been its school head for 16 years. His dismissal, which the college board and rector said was linked to ‘insubordination’, caused an outpouring of support for the popular headmaster who was a champion of inclusivity.

On Thursday, St Albert the Great College said that it will hold MUT liable for any damages if the school cannot open on Monday.

The college and union held a conciliatory meeting earlier that day, but to no avail.

The school said that regardless of the meeting, the MUT is still ordering two of its members to refrain from collaborating with the Head of the Secondary School to help finalise the timetable.

MUT claims that the rector has asked to postpone the start of the scholastic year for students.

“The union is convinced that the rector shall be trying to shift the blame on educators and the union, when it is clear that the school is still without any timetable and plan for the re-entry of students due to the rector taking over the school headship.”

The Archdiocese of Malta said it is preparing a contingency plan to cater for students and staff of St Albert the Great College in case the school is not in a position to function at the beginning of the school year.

“The timetable and reopening plan for students have always been the responsibility of the head of school, who was sacked by the same rector and his now suspended board,” MUT remarked.