Ombudsman recommends anti-deadlock mechanism for two-thirds majority appointments

The Ombudsman's replacement is in a similar impasse as the Prime Minister and Opposition leader are yet to agree on a name

Ombudsman Anthony Mifsud has recommended an anti-deadlock mechanism for political appointments that require a two-thirds majority in parliament.

In the Obudsplan 2023, which was presented to the Speaker of the House of Representatives on Thursday, the Ombudsman suggested introducing a mechanism to unblock situations when a two-thirds majority in parliament is not reached for certain appointments.

Mifsud’s replacement faced a similar impasse. His term ended in March last year, but Mifsud has remained in office because there has not been political consensus on his replacement.

Prime Minister Robert Abela and Opposition leader Bernard Grech have so far been unable to agree on a name and no substantive talks have been held since last March’s election.

Grech has repeatedly called on the Prime Minister for discussions to be held on several constitutional appointments, including the Ombudsman and the Standards Commissioner.

The term of Standards Commissioner George Hyzler ends at the end of September since he will be taking up his post at the European Court of Auditors.

In his report, the Ombudsman highlights other issues, namely a culture of sanctioning and the need for an efficient public service with sound values.

The report will be tabled in Parliament after it reconvenes from the summer recess. It will be discussed later in a special sitting of the House Business Committee.