PM, Cabinet ministers have not submitted asset declarations for 2021

Nationalist MP Karol Aquilina calls out Cabinet secrecy on 2021 declarations of assets, still unpublished as 2022 nears its end

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

The PN’s spokesperson for justice, Karol Aquilina, has called out the Labour administration over an unacceptable delay in tabling ministers’ declaration of assets and interests in the House.

Aquilina said Prime Minister Robert Abela had not yet published his declaration of interests and that of his ministers and parliamentary secretaries.

“This is the longest delay ever in the publication of declaration of assets in the House. In a similar, unprecedented situation, former prime minister Joseph Muscat had not even published his declaration of assets for 2016,” Aquilina said.

Aquilina said Abela was promoting the same culture of “opacity and impunity”.

“The PN expects Abela to publish these declarations immediately for 2021. It is unacceptable that 2022 is practically over, and none of the Cabinet’s declaration of assets have been presented to the House as is their obligation.”

Aquilina said Abela was following in Muscat’s footsteps by promoting a culture of secrecy on information that serves to keep Cabinet ministers under public scrutiny and accountable for their political actions.

“Declarations of assets serve to uncover abyse if power and unexplained wealth; they are a tool against bribery and others of corruption, nepotism, conflicts of interest and undeserved advantages.”