Four carers at St Vincent De Paule suspended over excessive use of force on patients

An internal investigation has been opened into two separate cases of excessive force

Four carers have been suspended from their work at St Vincent De Paule (SVDP) in relation to two cases of excessive use of force on patients. 

SVDP administration have opened an internal investigation into the two cases, where excessive force was used against two patients. 

The Ministry for Active Ageing issued a statement on Monday evening announcing the internal probe. It said that the police are also investigating the two cases. 

Commissioner for the Elderly Godfrey LaFerla has been notified of the case as well. 

Minister Jo Etienne Abela condemned this behaviour and ordered that the two cases be investigated in depth to establish the facts of the situation and take any necessary actions. 

This action was prompted by footage circulating online of a carer pushing a patient down to his bed. The patient was identified as 67-year-old artist Leonard Portelli.

In this video, the carer can be seen grabbing the patient's arms and forcing him into an upright position.