Anti-abortion activists reiterate request to meet with Prime Minister on abortion amendment

Life Network Foundation, Doctors for Life and I See Life wrote to the Prime Minister to ask for a meeting last week

Anti-abortion activists reiterated their request to meet with the Prime Minister on a new amendment to Malta's ban on abortion. 

In a statement on Tuesday, anti-abortion groups including Life Network Foundation, Doctors for Life and I See Life said they wrote to the Prime Minister on 1 December asking to meet him over the legal amendments.

Government is seeking to introduce a clause to the section of the Criminal Code that currently bans abortion. The amendment would indemnify doctors, and mothers, who carry out a medical intervention that results in pregnancy to protect the woman's health and life.

On Monday, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that he is willing to discuss possible changes to the amendment with the relevant stakeholders. 

"These three organisations would like to bring the Prime Minister's attention to the fact that on 1 December 2022 they sent a request for a meeting with him [...] to discuss the concerns of many as expressed last Sunday in a public demonstration attended by over 20,000 people..." the groups said in a statement. 

The anti-abortion groups added that they have not received any requests for a meeting.