Jean Paul Sofia’s friends put up banner demanding justice

Construction victim’s friends say only public inquiry will reveal the truth behind his untimely death

The banner was hung overnight by Jean Paul Sofia's (left) friends
The banner was hung overnight by Jean Paul Sofia's (left) friends

The friends of Jean Paul Sofia, the young victim of a construction accident, have hung a banner calling for justice for the 20-year-old's death.

The banner, reading #JusticeForJeanPaulSofia was hung to a construction site close to the Msida skatepark by the victim’s friends, calling for a public inquiry into his death.

“The inquiry is essential so that we can understand why Jean Paul Sofia’s life – filled with health and love – was cut short on the 3 December,” the post read.

The page on Sunday published a letter sent to government MPs calling for a public inquiry to be launched.

Prime Minister Robert Abela has dismissed calls for a public inquiry to investigate the death of Jean Paul Sofia, who died in a building collapse last year. Instead, Abela criticised the ‘unacceptable’ time it is taking for a magisterial inquiry into the death of the 20-year-old to conclude.

Sofia was killed in a construction site accident last December, after a three-storey building he was working at collapsed during construction works. Five men - three Albanian, a Maltese and a Bosnian were rescued by members of the Civil Protection Department.

Magistrate Marseann Farrugia is conducting an inquiry into the incident.