Three passengers faint on Air Malta flight due to extreme heat and faulty air conditioning

Extreme temperatures and an air-conditioning fault caused three passengers to lose consciousness while on flight KM614 from Malta to Rome

Three passengers lost consciousness on an Air Malta flight to Rome due to a combination of extreme temperatures and an air-conditioning fault.

The incident has led to delays for both KM614 and its return flight, KM615 from Rome to Malta.

The incident occurred this afternoon at Malta International Airport, where the aircraft was preparing for its scheduled departure to Rome.

The sweltering temperatures, exacerbated by the air-conditioning malfunction, created an uncomfortable environment inside the aircraft.

As a consequence of the extreme heat, three passengers on board the aircraft lost consciousness.

The situation was handled by the cabin crew, who administered first aid to the affected passengers.

Additionally, medical emergency services were called to provide further assistance and ensure the well-being of the passengers.

Following the incident, all passengers were disembarked from the aircraft and transferred to buses, which transported them back to the Malta International Airport terminal.

To alleviate any discomfort caused by the incident, the passengers were provided with refreshments while waiting for the airline to arrange onward travel to Rome.

Air Malta representatives have expressed their regret over the incident and acknowledged the inconvenience caused to the passengers.

Malta is currently battling through a heatwave, which is expected to continue until at least Thursday next week. Temperatures are set to reach a maximum of 41C, but feeling as hot as 43C, for three consecutive days.