Gayyaġni | Exploring pleasure, freedom, and empowerment

Get ready to explore pleasure, freedom, and empowerment in episode five of Gayyaġni

Let's dive into a world where pleasure, sex, and sexual liberation reign supreme. In episode five of Gayyaġni, we venture into the realm of the queer community's intimate expressions, breaking down stereotypes and shedding light on the power of sexual freedom.

Queerness and sexual freedom have often been intertwined, challenging societal norms and heteronormative expectations. The queer community's journey to sexual liberation has helped liberate its members from the shackles of sexual oppression, transcending heteronormative boundaries. Throughout history, the queer community has reclaimed ideas and actions, molding them into empowering forms of self-expression.

We kick off this episode with Claudia, one of the brilliant minds behind Malta's premier fetish and BDSM party, Harshmellow. Klaudia introduces us to the spicy side of sex while emphasizing the importance of informed consent and safety. Harshmellow not only provides a welcoming space for like-minded individuals to indulge in kinks but also serves as an educational platform, offering workshops on impact play and shibari performances.

Next, we delve into the world of chemsex with Nick Ebejer, exploring how substances like MDMA are used to enhance sexual experiences. Nick emphasizes the importance of safe practices when navigating chemsex and play parties within the queer community. Setting boundaries, contraception, and safe words are crucial aspects of ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Finally, we meet Malta's sin-sational burlesque performer, Undine LeVerve. With a decade of captivating performances both locally and abroad, Undine has been a trailblazer in the Maltese burlesque scene. She discusses the empowerment and liberation that burlesque offers performers and audiences alike, shedding light on the body-positive and empowering aspects of this art form.

In episode five of 'Gayyaġni,' we embrace the multifaceted world of pleasure, intimacy, and empowerment within the queer community. Join us as we celebrate the diverse expressions of sexual freedom, breaking down stereotypes and fostering a deeper understanding of this vital aspect of queer culture.