Minister combative on judiciary’s Gladiator 2 set visit

Justice Minister Jonathan Attard sidesteps question about whether he felt magistrates' tour of film set by Malta Film Commission was appropriate

Film camera (File photo)
Film camera (File photo)

Justice Minister Jonathan Attard adopted a combative approach this morning when asked about reports about a film set tour organised for members of the judiciary.

Asked whether he thought it was appropriate, Attard attempted to turn the tables on the journalist asking the question.

"It was an initiative by the Judicial Studies Committee," Attard said. "When I appealed for more efficiency in the handling of a case, the Prime Minister and I were attacked for putting pressure on the judiciary. There should be consistency,” the minister told journalists following a press conference on a call for applications aimed at selecting four new magistrates.

Last week, the Times of Malta revealed a group of judges and magistrates were among those treated to a tour of the Gladiator 2 set by the Malta Film Commission, complete with a lunch and quiz testing their knowledge of the history of shooting film in the country.

It took place on March 24 and was organised by the Judicial Studies Committee, a body set up in 2003 for “the initial and continuous judicial training” of magistrates and judges.

“High standards are expected from everyone: including the judiciary, politicians and media,” Attard insisted.  

The minister said further questions about the matter should be directed to the Judicial Studies Committee.