Doctors for Road Safety concerned over licensing of drivers ‘under questionable circumstances’

Group say such licenses must be reviewed in the interest of road safety

Transport Malta (James Bianchi/MaltaToday)
Transport Malta (James Bianchi/MaltaToday)

Doctors for Road Safety have expressed their concern at the possibility that there are drivers who may have been granted a licence to drive under questionable circumstances.

“If these allegations are proven, then all such licenses must be reviewed in the interest of road safety,” the NGO said.

WhatsApp chats to a Transport Malta officer in charge of driving examinations have revealed that former transport minister Ian Borg forwarded names of test candidates that had to be “taken care of” to ensure they passed their exam.

The WhatsApp chats obtained show Borg, his canvasser Jesmond Zammit, and his ministry personnel would pile pressure on Transport Malta’s director of licensing Clint Mansueto to “help” candidates at different stages of the licensing process.

On Monday, Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia completely shunned questions on concerns that certain drivers who were unfairly awarded a driving licence, would be a hazard on the roads.

“I think the statements made by the Prime Minister on Sunday were enough, and I now look to the future,” Farrugia said, completely ignoring questions over whether he condemns Borg’s actions.

Doctors for Road Safety also called for the necessary governance to be put in place to ensure that this important privilege of being granted a licence to drive is issued according to transparent objective and standardised criteria which can stand up to scrutiny.

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