'Anton Refalo accused PN of bribing Judge over hospitals' deal annulment,' says Bernard Grech

PN Leader Bernard Grech says that during a break from a Parliamentary session, the Animal Rights Minister accused PN of bribing the Judge who annuled the concession deal for the three hospitals

Animal Rights Minister Anton Refalo (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)
Animal Rights Minister Anton Refalo (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)

Opposition and PN Leader Bernard Grech alleged that Animal Rights Minister Anton Refalo had accused PN of bribing the Judge to annul the concession of the hospitals to Steward Healthcare.

During a PN activity in San Ġwann on Sunday morning, Grech referred to the recent Court of Appeals judgement that rejected Steward Healthcare’s appeal against the decision to annul the hospitals privatisation deal.

“The Court said that there was complicity. It said that there was malicious intent from both sides, government and foreign contractors,” Grech said.

“They used to challenge us to provide proof and say that the institutions should be allowed to work. When, however, the court decided the Muscat’s and Abela’s governments are complicit in fraud, they started attacking the institutions. Shame on them.”

Grech lashed out at the Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa, as according to him, he insisted that no action would be taken by the police until the magistrate concludes the inquiry.

He also said that during the break of a parliamentary session, Anton Refalo told PN that the case was won because they had bribed the judge.

In February Mr. Justice Francesco Depasquale annulled the Government’s privatisation deal with Vitals Global Healthcare and subsequently Steward Healthcare for the concession of St Luke’s Hospital, Karin Grech Hospital and the Gozo General Hospital.

Grech spoke about the budget, saying that almost everyone was feeling the effects of inflation but that the government “gave up on addressing it”.

“The government has abandoned the basic needs of the nation. People tell us every day that their quality of life is on the decline and that is why we are proposing an economy of excellence,” Grech said.

He emphasised that the healthcare sector is in a dire state, with the hospital facing a shortage of supplies.

Grech said PN insisted with the government that the COLA should not be taxed and that businesses should be granted tax credits to make good for the €12.81 per week increase.

The PN Leader also addressed the property market, quoting a KMPG study that found that young single people on an average income are unable to afford 95% of properties on the market.

Grech criticised the government for not providing adequate social housing for all those that were in need.