'Full truth' about Transport Malta corruption yet to be revealed, PN says after CEO's apparent removal

PN MPs say they has evidence that TM employees were told to lie under oath about instructions to meddle with fines, amidst reports that the authority's CEO, Jonathan Borg, has been removed from the role.

Transport Malta has been struck by a number of scandals in recent years
Transport Malta has been struck by a number of scandals in recent years

Transport Malta CEO Jonathan Borg is understood to have been removed from his post, a day after the Nationalist Party declared that it had given the police evidence showing Transport Malta employees being asked to lie under oath about instructions to interfere with fines and contraventions. 

Borg, who took over the role from Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi in April 2023, less than a year ago, was first reported as having been removed from his role as Transport Malta CEO by the Times of Malta.

He had been appointed CEO by former transport minister Aaron Farrugia, who lost his cabinet position in a subsequent reshuffle last month. Before handing Borg the Transport Malta role, Farrugia had previously appointed him CEO of Yachting Malta, in view of his decades-long career in the maritime sector.

The apparent move to dismiss Borg has been met with little enthusiasm by the PN. "This does not solve anything, because the full truth has yet to be revealed," the PN said this afternoon, in a statement signed by PN MPs Ivan Castillo, Darren Carabott and Mark Anthony Sammut.

The statement says the PN had been made aware that people currently under investigation at Transport Malta still had access to internal systems, and that members of internal investigation boards were still in contact with the people whom they were supposed to be investigating. 

The three shadow ministers called upon the police to “do their job and investigate immediately.”

“The public has a right to know whether public funds are being used correctly," said the MPs.