[WATCH] Muscat toys with electorate over MEP bid by not ruling out candidature

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat refuses to give straight answer on whether he will be contesting the European Parliament elections

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is keeping people waiting on whether he will be contesting the upcoming European Parliament elections.

“There will be a clear signal on what decision has been taken, and you will know what that decision is,” Muscat told journalists on Wednesday.

Nominations for the upcoming MEP elections open on Friday and close on Monday.

The former PM has toyed with the idea on whether he would be contesting the elections, refusing to give a straight answer on his decision for the past couple of months.

Rumours on his possible election came after Labour propagandist Manuel Cuschieri posted a laudatory Facebook post on Muscat, asking his followers whether they agreed that Muscat should return to the Labour fore as an MEP.

The domino effect eventually resulted in Labour MEP candidates voicing their support for Muscat should he decide to contest next June’s election.

Since then, the former PM has appeared at campaign launches and endorsed a number of MEP candidates.  

Echoing former statements, Muscat said his decision depends on external circumstances and “the decision cannot be taken lightly.”

Asked whether he would be supporting the Labour Party and its candidates in its election campaign, whether he was contesting or not, he said he has always done so.

“Anything the party asks me, I will say yes,” he said.

Jason Micallef – ‘A missed opportunity for Labour’

On Wednesday, former ONE TV Chairman Jason Micallef posted on Facebook saying that Muscat has made the decision to not contest.

“I am sure that this is a missed opportunity for Malta and the Labour Party,” he said.