Transport Malta asks ride-hailing platforms to introduce geo-fencing near white taxi stands

Transport Malta asks ride-hailing platforms to roll out geofencing, which will prevent vehicles from accepting rides in areas near the Phoenicia in Floriana and the Malta International Airport

Transport Malta is asking ride-hailing platforms to roll out geofencing in a number of areas with white taxi stands.

The transport authority wants to introduce a new ride acceptance radius of around 250 metres in areas like Malta International Airport, the road next to the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana, as well as passenger ship berthing sites.

Under this system, ride-hailing vehicles registered to platforms like Bolt, eCabs or Uber will not be able to accept rides if they are within the vicinity of these designated areas, resulting in longer waiting times.

For example, if a ride-hailing car has to drop someone off at the airport departures terminal, they will have to drive out to Gudja before being able to accept another pick up from the arrivals terminal.

This move comes almost 24 hours after the Light Passenger Operators Association (LPOA), which represents ride-hailing drivers, cancelled a planned protest following discussions with the Transport Ministry.

The LPOA and ministry agreed upon new regulations concerning special license requirements as well as measures to regulate the demographic supply within the industry.

Geofencing was also mentioned in a joint statement from the two entities.

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