Re-exhuming the past? | Dione Borg

Almost 25 years later and political parties still speak of the violence which occurred in the 1980s, 1970s and even the 1960s but In-Nazzjon journalist Dione Borg says it’s time to move on and mature.

Dione Borg
Dione Borg

During the past days, the Nationalist Party has been commemorating the 25th anniversary of Raymond Caruana's murder in the PN's Gudja club, along with other episodes of political violence dating back to the late 1980s. Is this a case where the PN is re-exhuming the past because it feels uncomfortable with its present?

Dione Borg says that as a journalist, he is very familiar with this accusation, which is levelled against him whenever he delves on this subject.

While firmly believing in the duty to remember these events, Borg believes that there is nothing to be gained for the PN by reminding people of what happened 25 years ago.

"I believe that the Maltese people vote on present day issues and what happened 25 years ago has no bearing on elections. The Maltese people have lived through these times and it has already expressed an electoral verdict based on these events... the Maltese people have enacted the changes brought about by these events and all this is now history."

What disappoints Borg is that the country has not matured enough to establish a shared truth on what happened during those times.

"Once both parties and society in general recognise what exactly happened in a more factual way, society would have moved forward a lot."

Borg points out that the PN is itself not that keen on commemorating the past to the extent that the violence which occurred in the 1970s is not commemorated.

Ever since 1987, the PN has only commemorated Raymond Caruana's murder.

"The PN simply commemorates Caruana's death by laying a wreath on his grave and organising a mass."

According to Borg, the only reason why the PN is organising activities in a more structured way this year is simply because 2011 happens to be the 25th anniversary of these events. 

Borg himself feels a sense of historical duty to record these events. Apart from being arrested twice in connection to his political activism, Borg was not himself a victim of political violence, but he was deeply touched by some of the events.

"For me it was unacceptable that we attended a meeting where the police ended up shooting at our friends - a friend like Mario Pavia, who was shot at during the Rabat meeting..."

Borg felt a deep social need for a publication which would document these events for posterity.

Yet despite having participated in these political events on the side of the Nationalist Party, he still insists that his Liberta Mhedda was not a partisan publication.

"My book includes the perspective of all sides, including interviews with then prime minister Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici... I tried to present a holistic document which includes all the judicial details of each case, to fill a void in our historiography."

Apart from Borg's book there is very little historical research on this sensitive part of Maltese history.  Many academics have shied away from delving on these events.

Borg attributes this to the desire of Maltese society to move on after 1987.

"After 1987, there was an enormous change in Maltese society.  It was not just any election but one in which the country was at a crossroads. The country changed not just politically but socially and economically. The country was so absorbed in these changes that it left behind what it had passed from. This is why silence predominated."

Borg also points out that we would be mistaken in dedicating all of our attention to the 1980s, while ignoring similar events in the 1970s.

"Nationalists commemorating Independence Day in Valletta the 1970s were attacked in the same organised way as in Tal-Barrani and Rabat, in which police teamed up with thugs to attack demonstrators. These events are never commemorated not even by the PN."

In his book, Borg focused on episodes of political violence perpetuated by police under a Labour government. In so doing, has he absolved the Nationalist Party from any responsibility. 

Borg admits that the scope of his book was limited to the role of the police when dealing with episodes of political violence.

"Facts proven in court establish that the police during those times behaved very badly.  My aim to look into what the police did at that time. Therefore, my book leaves out many other important cases like the murders of Karin Grech and Lino Cauchi."

But Borg promises that he will go in depth on the Grech case in his new programme Evidenza, which deals with unsolved cases.

"It will be dealt with in the same way as the case of Raymond Caruana."

As regards Grech's case, Borg believes that the most likely thesis is the one linked to the trade union issue between the Mintoff government and the medical profession.

"The main investigators believe that this is the case."

But while it could well be true that most violence was committed by Labour thugs in collusion with the police, there could also be an element of provocation. For example, how responsible was it for the PN to insist on organising a meeting in Zejtun in such a volatile situation? Was this simply an attempt to provoke a violent reaction which suited the political designs of the PN at that time?

"Every party has a legal right to organise a meeting wherever it likes. It was the government of the day and police, and not the Nationalist Party, who were obliged to ensure that no violence occurred in Zejtun. Once the PN decided that it wanted to organise a meeting in Zejtun in the same way the PL used to organise meetings in Sliema and B'Kara, it could not go back on its word. If it had done so, it would have given up on its battle for liberty and the rule of law after the courts had declared that the PN had every right to organise a meeting in Zejtun."

According to Borg, in Zejtun, Fenech Adami simply wanted to organise a normal meeting. "The crowd included elderly people, women and entire families. It was the same crowd which every week used to attend mass meetings. Nobody anticipated the scale of the violence."

But despite the PN's condemnation of political violence, Gianni il-Pupa - one of the most notorious thugs - ended up participating in PN meetings before the 1996 election after claiming that he had converted from a life crime. Yet a few years later, Psaila lost his life in an accidental fall while on the run from the police.

"In my opinion, Psaila was no longer the same person he was when he was involved in violence. People change and go through different phases in life. This does not mean that he changed completely, nor that he was reformed... only he can say that, from the place he is now."

Borg, who met Psaila a number of times after 1987, notes that after the 1987 election, thugs like Psaila no longer felt part of an organised group and their affiliation with Labour was weakening.

"They were no longer able to get a kick from acts of vandalism... They started to disassociate themselves from Labour... Psaila probably went one step more by attending activities organised by the PN."

But Borg makes it clear that this was a case of the PN embracing Psaila within its ranks.

"Psaila attended activities which were open to everyone. He was not chosen for any role in the PN."

As a journalist, Borg himself has developed a sense of friendship with some of these former Labour thugs, like Alfred 'l-Indjan' Desira. Borg also believes that it was the Labour government which was using these people rather than the other way round.

"I have no doubt that it was the Labour Party which was using these people in the same way as it was using the police. Let us not forget that the shots fired at the Tarxien club came from a car involved in a carcade of a particular Minister."  According to a witness, one of these cars was taken to the depot immediately after the carcade.

"It is clear that some police were in collusion with these thugs."

How does he reconcile himself to the fact that Inspector Joe Psaila - found guilty of human rights violations by the courts - was promoted to the rank of assistant commissioner under a Nationalist government? Moreover Charles Cassar, who led the Special Mobile Unit, went on to lead the Special Assignment Group under the PN.

Borg does not beat around the bush making it clear that if it were for him, these officials should not have been promoted.

"Certain promotions which were given were misunderstood by Maltese society... If it was up to me I would not have given these promotion... I disagree with certain promotions. But am a journalist, not a politician."

However, Borg points out that the police force at that time was so predominantly Labourite that it was impossible to promote Nationalist-leaning officials who were in the lower ranks of the force.

He also points out that the majority of police involved in cases of torture, false witnesses, and frame ups were expelled from the police force.

But Borg recognises that a number of police officials were in face able to cover their tracks well.

"There was not enough proof to incriminate everyone. For example, the police who shot at Nationalist youths in Rabat were never brought to justice as their faces were covered, and another section of the police had covered their tracks."

Ironically, it was Labour leader Alfred Sant who, as Prime Minister, expelled Cassar and Psaila from the police force. He is also widely credited for cleansing the Labour party of violent elements. 

But Borg shows less appreciation for Sant's merits in normalising the country than I expect.

"Sant was the party's President in this period. As far as I can recall, Sant never condemned these people before 1987..."

Borg also contends that by Sant's election as Labour leader in 1992, Labour thugs were no longer active in the Labour Party.

But what about his decision to expel Cassar and Psaila from the police force?

"If he felt this was the best decision for the police force and society, he did well to take this decision."

But Borg expresses his bafflement at the disappearance of a never-published inquiry on frame-ups during Sant's tenure in office.

"After 1987, Eddie Fenech Adami had asked for a magisterial inquiry on the various frame-ups. Fenech Adami felt that the report should not be published, as it was not conclusive. When Sant was elected, this report disappeared from Castille. Sant says that he had asked for a copy of the report but never had a chance to see it."

Present Labour leader Joseph Muscat was still at primary school when Nationalist supporters were beaten in Zejtun and Raymond Caruana was murdered. Is it not unfair to taint him with these events?

"What I expect from Labour is to recognise the facts and how these occurred. A general apology is positive not enough. What is most important is to agree on how and why these events occurred. It is true that Muscat was young at that time, but Muscat now carries the burden of Labour's history. He should even be more cautious because he did not live those times"

But if we persist on expecting Labour to redress its historical wrongs, would we not risk getting lost in a never-ending cycle of rights and wrongs, with Labourites demanding an apology for injustices like the interdett?

But Borg sees no connection between episodes of political violence in the 1970s 1980s and the sufferings of Labourites in the 1960s.

"The imposition of mortal sin on Labourites in the 1960s was a conflict between the Church and the Labour Party. It should be discussed on its own merits. It is ridiculous to demand an apology for the Interdett in return for an apology on political violence in the 1980s. Whenever a political party demands an apology it should do so on the merits of each particular case."

Liberta Mhedda includes a picture of present police commissioner John Rizzo escorting Pietru Pawl Busuttil to court. At that time, Rizzo served as secretary to then-commissioner Lawrence Pullicino, who was later imprisoned for his role in the murder of Nardu Debono.

Borg makes it clear that Rizzo had "absolutely no role in the frame up of Pietru Pawl Busuttil".

"Rizzo was not present in Pietru Pawl Busuttil's farmhouse. Neither was he involved in any of the interrogations. It does not result that he was in any way involved in the investigation related to the case."

So what was Rizzo doing in the photo?

"Rizzo was given an order to escort Pietru Pawl Busuttil after he was interrogated in the depot by other officials and escorted him to court so that other police would accuse him of murdering Caruana."

25 years later, Raymond Caruana's case remains unsolved. We do not even know which police officers had framed Pietru Pawl Busuttil.

Dione Borg has no doubt about the political nature of the case.

"It has been forensically proven that the weapon which killed Raymond Caruana in the PN club in Gudja is the same one used in the shoot out against the Tarxien PN club, in the Tal-Barrani incidents and the frame-up of Pietru Pawl Busuttil."

Experts have concluded that not only was the same weapon employed in both cases, but that the dynamics of the shooting were also similar.

"This shows that whoever fired in Hal Tarxien probably fired in Gudja too. There is a clear forensic link established by ballistic experts."

So why was the culprit never found?

Borg blames this on the way the police treated the case in the days after the murder when instead of investigating the murder of Raymond Caruana members of the police force framed Pietru Pawl Busuttil.

"In those vital hours, the weapon was cleaned and put in Busuttil's farmhouse."

He also laments that the only vehicle involved in the Tarxien incident to be forensically examined was a Land Rover were other cars were not.

Borg doubts whether the truth can ever be established because this important evidence was deliberately removed. The only person arraigned for this murder was Nicolas Ellul - known as 'Ic-Caqwes' - who later died of an overdose.

According to Borg, there was never any evidence that Ellul fired, but that he possessed the weapon.

"Whoever killed Raymond Caruana did not want to kill anyone. He was probably showing off. But while in Tarxien the club was closed, it was clear that the Gudja club was open, lit, and that it was full of people. Out of 13 bullets, only one entered the club and killed Caruana. It could have been far worse as other people could have died." 

Borg expresses his regret that society is still owed an explanation for the deaths of Wilfred Cardona, Lino Cauchi, Raymond Caruana and Karin Grech.

"There are various indications that all four cases are tied to national and political events."


Abdullah alhrbi
If Dione Borg wants to sell himself as a seeker of truth he should start by repudiating negationism. His classic '"The imposition of mortal sin on Labourites in the 1960s was a conflict between the Church and the Labour Party" ie, the interdett had nothing to do with the PN is a prime example of what truth seekers should not indulge in. Perhaps he finds the truth painful, perhaps we should, according to him disregard all the historical evidence and narratives that point to the opposite eg. Herbert Ganado's shock and horror at the way Giorgio Borg Olivier appropriates the microphone at the meeting of the political parties gathered under the giunta's umbrella? Perhaps we should disregard the narratives of all those who suffered humiliation, psychological and physical abuse at the hands of PN party supporters then or would Dione Borg like to call them the faithful that made up the Church in the 60's? We have witnessed what Religio et Patria can do and to what lengths it could go to in the 21st century let alone in the dark abyss of 60's Malta. It is a hallow attempt at revisionism to state otherwise. By all means bring to light the truth in the decades you choose to put the spotlight on . Dione Borg would however better leave his mark should he call for the setting up of a proper truth and reconciliation commission perhaps then the past can be laid to rest respectfully not selectively.
Micheal Bonanno
It-tghaffig li kien hemm fit-tmeninijiet hu kollu tort ta' l-oppozizzjoni Nazzjonalista minhabba r-rghiba li kellha ghal poter. Bl-inkwiet li nqala', kollu tort tal-PN, u ta' dan mhux billi jghidu, iridu jibqghu igorruh fl-istorja politika taghhom. L-inkwiet fil-pajjiz huma bdewh, u rrankaw wara l-elezzjonijiet tan-1981, ghax ma rebhux l-elezzjoni. Kien kif kien ir-rizultat, il-Gvern xorta legittimu kien, ghax kien qieghed jiggverna bis-sahha tal-kostituzzjoni. Il-PN qalghu l-inkwiet, ghax Mintoff kien jghid li bla maggoranza ma jiggvernax. And They took him on his word. U li kien ghal MIntoff, kien ser ikun elezzjonijiet bikrija, imma kemm minhabba l-membri Parlamentari, u kemm minhabba r-ras iebsa tal-leaders tal-PN, dawn ma sarux. Mhux talli ma sarux talli bbojkottjaw il-Parlament. Tant kien dittatur Mintoff, li biex ikompli jimxi l-pajjiz, ikkoptjahom wara kwazi sentejn. Dak dittatorjat! Tghaffig kien hemm, mela ma kienx hemm, imma bhal ma ghidt fil-bidu, li gara fil-pajjiz, parti mit-tort irid jingarr mill-PN u hadd izjed f'kollox, kemm bhala azzjonijiet industrijali (politici) attivitajiet politici, xandir illegali minn Sqallija, bombi, vjolenza, u aghar minn hekk tixwix mal-pajjizi girien biex ma jigux jinvestu hawn Malta. Oppozizzjoni li ghal poter ghamlet kollox anke li thammeg isem pajjizna.
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Ir-ejalta' dak iz-zmien kienet li l-partit nazzjonalista qatt ma ried jaccetta li tfal ta' haddiem komuni jsibu xoghol u jistghu jikkompetu mat-tfal taghhom ghal xogholijiet tajbin. Qatt ma riedu jaccettaw li bniedem komuni jkollu xoghol dicenti, jaffordja dar dicenti fejn joqghod, li bintu tithallas daqs ragel ghall-istess xoghol, li ghandu mohhu mistrieh li se jkollu penzjoni dicenti la jirtita, li jekk jimrad hu jew xi hadd mill-familja jkun jista' jfieq minghajr pizijiet finanzjarji zejda li tispicca mill-iskola ssib fejn tahdem bil-paga minima garantita u mhux bhal-lum kullhadd jara kif jiskrukkja liz-zghir. U l-PN dejjem kien u ivvota kontra dawn fil-parlament. Din kienet ir-rejalta, ghallinqas ghalina. Nafu jew le,li gvern Laburista ghadda minn zewgt ricessjonijiet minhabba z-zejt? Fl-1973 u waqt il-gwerra Iran-Iraq. U certi affarijiet saru biex waqt ma jintilifx dak kollhu li kien inkiseb kif qed jintilfu llum. Saru zbalji mela le, imma li tghid li "ir-rejalta’ kienet li cansijiet ftit jew xejn kien hemm" hija nsult ghall-intelligenza u qatt ma kont nistenniha minn akkademiku bhalek, dment li m'intix akkademiku b'ghamad bhal taz-zwiemel. Jien nemmen li l-genituri tieghek ghamlu minn kollox ghalik u ghall-huk, imma jidher li forsi konna qed nghixu f'rejalta differenti.
Dan kien zmien li jien niftakru sew fiz-zoghzija tieghi ghax fil-waqt illi l-genituri tieghi kienu jaghmlu minn kollox biex jaghtu lili u lil hija c-cansijiet kollha possibbli fil-hajja, ir-rejalta’ kienet li cansijiet ftit jew xejn kien hemm. AQRA AKTAR:
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Micheal Bonanno
@Destra u n-nazzjonalisti bhalek. Kif issemmu l-80's u n-1996-1998 ma ssemmuhomx? Mhux Gvern Laburista kien hemm? Ma garax dak li qeghdin tibzghu minnu! Ghalfejn qeghdin tibzghu issa? Jaqaw qeghdin tibzghu minn xi tkaxkira li ser iwassalkom Gonzi ghaliha?
Micheal Bonanno
@Destra. Illostra x'int brainwashed siehbi. Ahjar tmur tara psikjatra! Ma tantx hadmet fuqek ir-rikonciljazzjoni ta' EFA, u l-parir li tak siehbek Dione Borg!
X'bard jaqbadna niftakru fl-1986 Malta ciniza bil-ministri jitolblu ghal Tv ghal wiehed li kien *smuggled* tkissir tal-kurja 30 metru mill-kwartieri tal-puluzija. ....kollha nazzjonalisti kienu dawk u ta reati ohra! Le ghal Malta socjalista komunista. Le ghal Malta generazzjoni socjalista kif riduna. NINI NINI. Malta libera! Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Demmna incarcru ghal-liberta`. Viva il-lemin.
X'bard jaqbadna niftakru fl-1986 Malta ciniza bil-ministri jitolblu ghal Tv ghal wiehed li kien *smuggled* tkissir tal-kurja 30 metru mill-kwartieri tal-puluzija. ....kollha nazzjonalisti kienu dawk u ta reati ohra! Le ghal Malta socjalista komunista. Le ghal Malta generazzjoni socjalista kif riduna. NINI NINI. Malta libera! Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Liberta` Demmna incarcru ghal-liberta`. Viva il-lemin.
@Antoine Vella. Skont it-tezi tieghek stess imisshom tressqu l-qorti il-kapijiet nazzjonalisti ta' dak iz-zmien, ghax jekk kien hemm xi hadd li nqeda bl-isbirri u ta' fuqhom kienu huma. Tinsiex il-promozzjonijiet li hadu certi nies li kienu percimes fil-frame-ups. Missu tressaq ukoll dak il-ministru li ssemma fil-qorti li kien jibghat lin-nies ipoggu l-bombi wara l-bibien . U wara kollox jekk taf li kienu l-laburisti li qatlu lil Raymond , ohrog ghid min. Lanqas Eddie li kien qal li meta jkun fil-gvern kien jghid min qatel lilu u lil Karen Grech , ma zamm kelmtu . Jien fil-liberta' li nghid li kienu n-nazzjonalisti stess li qatluh ghax huma BISS kellhom x'jirbhu !! Il-Labour x'jitlef biss kellu. La qatt ma nsab il-hati/hatjin, kull ipotesi hija possibbli. Mhux hemm sur Vella ?. Nisthajlek aqta' kemm kont tghin f'xogholok fi zmien il-Gvern Laburista !!. Naqtghek li kont wiehed minn dawk il-grieden tal-imramma fil-ministeri u fl-ufficini li kienu jnawwru minn taht biex jitpinga ikrah il-gvern laburista. Minghalija int kont imlahhaq fil-housing...........Qed nghid sew ?. Jekk le, niskuza ruhi minn qabel.....!
Possibbli ma jisthix is-sur dione borg jirxoxta l-antik? Ma jafx li dottor fenech adami hati daqs karmenu mifsud bonnici ta' din l-istorja meta hadem kemm felah biex iqajjem l-irwiefen kollha kontra l-gvern laburista ta' dak iz-zmien? Ma jafx kemm xewwex minn taht, kemm ghamel hiltu biex jizra'l-mibeghda u l-firda ghax kien jaf li b'hekk kien qed jaghmel il-hmira ghall-elezzjoni tal-1987? U possibbli s-sur dione borg nesa jsaqsi lil fenech adami fuq in-NET il-gimgha li ghaddiet min kien responsabbli ghal dan il-qtil meta fl-imghoddi kien qalilna li kien jaf min kien responsabbli? Din l-ipokrizija illum tqazzez lil kull min hu serju u ghandu mohhu f'loku f'dan il-pajjiz. Forsi s-sur borg ahjar ikompli jinteressa ruhu fit-team tal-furjana jew jipprova jorganizzalhom il-parking fl-independence arena forsi jaqilghu xi ftit eluf minnu !!!!!
Ian George Walker
The 28th of this month (a Wednesday) will be the 34th anniversary of the PN-inspired political assassination of Karin Grech. Will MaltaToday be publishing a two-page spread to recall this blackest of black days in Malta's political history?
@Antoine Vella Did this Dione write anything about the murder of the young Karen Grech? Did he shed any light of who were those who planted bombs in the era 1981 - 1987 and who coincidently vanished after the PN victory in 1987? Does he mention anything about those thugs who went around armed with modern weaponry and sported a bluish jacket?
Mark Anthony Enriquez
dione >re-exhuming the past? sure why not start with the 1971 election where the mlp had the most votes[over 3000] and gwido demarco [rip] made about 12 recounts in a district won by labour with crossvoting!now thats a story from the liberta medda ppl!!!!buffu!!this after the pn won the 1962-66 elections due to the interdett. vera nies ma tisthux min alla li hallaqkom,hahahah
Re-exhuming the past? yes cause this issue comes up again and again when an election is near. so that's why it is called re exhuming the past. What one should have done after al these re exhumations is post mortem of the past to establish who had a hidden hand in certain bombing acts, We had leaders in our country who took the opportunity to play on emotions and declared that he knew the persons responsible for certain crimes and pointed out fingers. That was before when he came into power he stopped pointing fingers and persons mentioned turned out no to have been involved. Also it was established that a well known person who was known as a Notorious Labourite had turned out to have been in the pay of other anti Labour factions. please Mr Borg conduct a Post Mortem and come out with a clear picture of what happened.
Jiena niskanta kif tal-PN jibqghu isemmu s-snin 80. Mela nsew li l-Labour kien fil-gvern bejn l-1996 u l-1998 ?. Tistghu tghidulna jekk f'dak iz-zmien sarx xi tkissir ?. L-unbiku tkissir li sar kien min-Nazzjonalisti fl-1998 wara li rebhu l-elezzjoni, u meta Fenech Adami gie mistoqsi ghaliex sar dak il-tkissir dan ma qaghdx jahsibha u qal li dawk ghamlu hekk ghax hekk hassew li kellhom jiccelebraw !!. Qed taraw min kien favur it-tkissir ?. Inutli ssemmu t-tmeninijiet u ma ssemmux is-sittinijiet. U tinsewx ukoll li l-pulizija u min kien imexxihom, u li tant kontu tghajjru bi frame-ups u bi swat tac-cittadini, wara li tlajtu fil-gvern tajtuhom promotions. Ghaliex tghid ?. U kif spiccaw il-bombi wara l-1987 ? Ghaliex tghid ?. Niftakar kien ittella' bniedem il-qorti u dan xehed li l-bombi kienu jitweghdu minn nies imqabbda minn ex-ministru. Dan kellu jdabbar rasu lejn l-Awstralja ghax malajr kien isib ruhu fil-frisk !. Jekk insemmu l-passat ejja nsemmu kollox.. Jien dejjem emment u konvint li dak li sar fis-70 u t-80 kienu kolla frott ta' agenti provokaturi.
Ghamilt mistoqsija wahda u semplici lil Antoine u Dione u bqajtu ma wegibtunix. Nirrepetiha. Ghalhex wara li htaftu l-gvern ma tellajtux il-qorti lil dawk l-ufficjali tal-pulizija li kontu tghidulna li sawtuna. Ghar minn hekk, lil xi whud tajtuhom promotion fil Korp. Minn kien jobsor li kellu jkun hadd hlief Alfred Sant li warrabhom mill-korp tal-pulizija? L-affari ma toghgobni xejn.
Dione, li kont minnek ieqaf ghamel il programm fuq TV ghax hekk qedin jghidulek certu nies. Possibli certu nies ghadom b'listess mentalita jekk mhux maghna kontra taghna. ??!!!! Vera hawn min ma tghallem qatt f'dan il pajjiz.
Dan huwa il passat ricenti fil gzira taghna u m'hemmx ghalfejn niddejqu li nsemmuh. Dione l-verita sagrosanti kiteb u xejn mhemm li mhux vera. Ma nafx ghalfejn iskhom intom is socjalisti qedin toqomsu ghax insemmu zminijiet ta 80's.???? Jaqaw tisthu jew ihammrilkhom wicckhom?
Mhux ahjar dan it-taparsi gurnalist jghidilna kif se nohorgu mill-problemi u l-Korruzzjoni Legalizzata li hawn tmerrmer is-sinsla ta' dan il-pajjiz? Billi noqghodu niftakru fil-passat u li kulhadd jarah mill-lenti suggettiva tieghu, ser insolvuhom dawn il-problemi fil-fibra ta' pajjizna. Il-hazen li jsir b'mod rampanti fil-berah tarah u hu kundannabli. Imma daqtant iehor hu il-hazen sfaccat li jsir minn taht bhal ma qieghed issir bhalissa f'pajjizna.
Luke Camilleri
The Gonzi surname will always be associated in Malta with the great divide of the People! Like Uncle , like nephew!
Ian George Walker
Antoine Vella u n-Nazzjonalisti sħabu qed jiddispraw għax qed jindunaw li l-arma favorita tagħhom, li jaqilgħu il-ħama dwar il-passat, tilfet kull saħħa li seta' kellha. Li kont minnkom tinjorawh u tħalluh jifga' f'demmu.
Sur Dione, Mela fadallek xi skoss kotba " Liberta Mhedda " milli ktiebt int fuq l-istonku tieghek ( ghax ma emmnukx u ma x`trawhx ) u trid tara lil min ser tbellahhom ?. Ha nghalmek..Meta tikteb ktieb tghamilx bhal pappagalli,u tikkopja dak li tisma. Trid tkun ghexthom dawk iz zmienijiet, bhal ma ghamilt jien. Biex tkun kredibbli u tbiegh miljun kopja, ikteb il verita kollha ,kif grat miz zewg nahat , u mhux fejn jaqbel lilek. Isma minni u tara kif tmur tajjeb.
I think Mr Borg should stop doing the Tv program that he is doing. Also why all this fuss the Labour party already won an election since these bad days. I would like to ask a question Who interest is to cause trouble the party in government or the opposition? Also the Pn been in government for the last 25 years how come nobody was arrested or prosecuted? Hope I get some answers.
Antoine Vella Il poplu fuq il kontijiet ta dawl w ilma, fuq il €600 zjied li hadu ghanke minn wara dahar ta shabhom se jivvutaw mela x gara 31 sena ilu! u dawn huma l fatii li filgukhom u ghalekk din il gargalla li ghandek sur Alf Garnit!
Antoine Vella għax ma ġiex arrestat Eddie Fenech Adami li qanqal dik il-firda u l-vjolenza kollha malli ħa t-tmun tal-PN? ** Kif spiċċaw il-bombi li kienu jsiru meta kien hemm Gvern Laburista u tela fil-Gvern EFA? ** Għax ma ġiex arrestat min qal li l-ballavostri ta' Ħaż-Żebbuġ waqgħu weħidhom? ** Għax ma ġewx arrestati dawk l-uffiċjali tal-pulizija li l-PN kien jakkużahom li kienu qed jużaw il-vjolenza kontra l-partitarji Nazzjonalisti? ** Kif dawn ingħataw promozzjoni għal waħda tnejn minn Eddie Fenech Adami? ** Kif ma ġewx arrestati dawk il-pulizija li wara nofs-in-nhar sawwtu u iggassjaw lix-xjuħ, lit-tfal u l-ġenituri li kienu qed jaraw it-tiġrija ħdejn il-monument tal-Helsien meta l-Brigadier kien waqà l-baħar filgħodu?** Insejthom dawn il-ħniżrijiet Antoine?
Il-polizzjotti, jew sbirri, kif konna ngħidulhom dak iż-żmien, kienu l-ħuta ż-żgħira, il-makku. Li niddisapprova jien huwa li ma ttieħdux passi kontra l-kbarat politiċi li nqdew b'dan il-makku. Għaliex ma ġewx arrestati KMB, Lorry Sant, Wistin Abela, Duminku Mintoff, Danny Cremona u l-kumplament taċ-ċorma ta' furbani li kienu sfrakassaw il-pajjiż. Għaliex ma tressqux il-Qorti? Għaliex ma ġewx imkeċċija l-ħaddiema tat-tarzna li tant kissru u tterrorizzaw nies? U mela marru jagħtu maħfra lil Lorry Sant? X'għarukaża!
Sinjuri Dione u Antoine nixtieq nghamlilkom mistoqsija wahda u nistenna twegiba wahda. Ghalhiex dawk l-ufficcjali li intom tghidu li kienu l-percimes biex isawwtu n-nazzjonalisti, meta htaftu l-gvern f-idejkom ma hadtux passi dixxiplinarju kontrihom anzi hemm kazi fejn tajtuhom promotion. Kellu jkun hadd hlief the uncorruptable Alfred Sant li ha passi kontrihom allavolja kien mhedded. Ghalija dan kien is-swicc mill PN ghal PL. Twegiba please!!!!!
Krista Sullivan
Is he is trying to impress? How many copies has this book sold?
Huti Bloggers Nazzjonalisti nitlobkom biex ma titfawx iktar videos ta' mibgheda ghax waslitli informazzjoni li ha jintuzaw iktar videos editjati tal-PASSAT li jwasslu biss biex jifthu feriti, tinholoq tensjoni, firda, mibgheda li zgur ma ghandiex bzonna f'dawn il-jiem tal-Milied. Dr Muscat stess qal biex nharsu lejn il futur li jghaqqadna mhux il-passat li firidna u ikundanna kull tip ta vjolenza giet min fejn giet u kien ragel skuza ruhu ghal certu avennimenti li kienu graw allavolja kellu ghaxar snin! Kull min jgholli jdejh ghandu xi jxomm ghax l-atrocitajiet saru min 2 tipi ta partitarji u jiena qatt mhu ha nemmen kif paritarji fil-Gvern ser jaqlaw l-inkwiet ghal gvern taghhom stess. Ghax meta tela PN fl-87 waqfu l-bombi etc u l-gliet u l-inkwiet fit-toroq u l-pulizija li kienu akkuzati inghataw promotions. Din l-Istrategija Nazzjonalista qeghda tintuza ghax jafu li l-proposti ta Dr Muscat li huma (1)Gvern gdid laburista se jregga lura zieda skandaluza ta l-Eur500 fil-gimgha li hadu l-ministri u l-Prim Ministru.(2)Gvern gdid laburista immexxi minni ma jghollix l-eta tal-irtirar(3)Ser nbiddlu is-sistema tal-Wardens biex in nies ma jibqghux ihossuwhom f'rackets tac-citazzjonijiet.(4)Jitrahhsu drastikament l-kontijiet tad dawl u ilma. Ta gewwa Nett jafu li l-maggoranza assoluta iktar min laqaw tajjeb dawn il-proposti!!
Bzieq fl'ajru,minn jobzoq lejn is-sema jigi f'wiccu.
Yes, it it time to move on and I don't think the PN will get any political mileage from formenting discourse on this past issue. WE have all moved forward. Some of the PN strategist need to change course. Don't be so ignorant. Today we have seen so much atrocities in the world (look at Libya) that these kind of stories seem trivial. Let's all move on united and not divisive. What the PN is trying to do is VERY DIVISIVE.
What we're reading here is not what Dione Borg actually said but what MaltaToday wants us to think he said. Those who are commenting here are allowing themselves to be manipulated but then . . . Mintoffjani are like that.
Liberta mhedda meta ghamlu hames snin jaghmlu mass meeting kull hmistax fejn iridu?
Ghalija din kollha ipokrezija. Kif nista' qatt nemmen lis-Sur Borg meta dan fuq l-istazzjon tal-PN, kull gimgha qed jaqla' l-passat permezz tal-programm tieghu? Jekk verament jemmen li ghandna nimxu 'l quddiem, qatt ma messu ghamel programm intiz biex jaqla l-passat u l-mejtin. Fuq kollox, il-messagg wara l-programm tieghu huwa li jitfa dawl ikrah fuq il-Laburisti u jsemmi l-kazijiet li jrid hu biss. Kazijiet ta' vjolenza u qtil li garrbu persuni Laburisti ma jsemmiehom imkien. Capricorn
Ian George Walker
@ gs: Tkunx fidil - dak qed jitkellem hekk għax indunaw li t-tattika m'għadiex taħdem. Kieku jaħsbu li takkwistalhom imqar vot ieħor ibqa' ċertli jibqgħu itambru.
Ian George Walker
Dione Borg is the "journalist" who wrote a book supposedly about political violence in Malta (Libertà Mhedda)and did not even mention the political assassination of Karin Grech. Calling him a "journalist" is an insult to all true journalists.
ghalinqas hawn nazjonalist jitkelem ta nies.