Labour calls for investigation into medical appointments

Labour MP calls on Ombudsman’s health commissioner to investigate the health ministry’s refusal to disclose the names of members of shamed selection board.

Labour MP Helena Dalli
Labour MP Helena Dalli

The government is using the public service for its partisan interests, Labour MP Helena Dalli said today.

The Opposition MP insisted that the report published recently by the Public Service Commission gives a damning verdict on the abusive way the current administration appoints persons of trust.

Dalli said: "The government is appointing persons in positions of trust at levels, including decision making, technical and consultancy roles."

She added that the commission declared that such abusive appointments are in breach of the Constitution.

In its report, the Public Service Commission pointed out the appointment of four medical consultants despite not being qualified for the job. One of these had not even obtained a certificate of specialist training - a key requirement for the job.

When faced with the commission's conclusions, the board members in charge of the appointments reacted by promptly disclaiming all responsibility for the appointments by withdrawing their signatures.

Since then the health ministry refused to disclose the names of the selection board members, claiming Data Protection, a justification the Data Protection Commissioner more recently shot down.

Dalli called on the Ombudsman's freshly appointed health commissioner to investigate the health ministry's refusal to disclose the names of the board members, saying it was in the public interest to know who the board members were.

"Obtaining a public sector job is all about who you are and who you know, rather than what you know," Dalli said. "This does not auger well for the public service. There is no transparency, no accountability and no meritocracy."

Dalli explained that the government has the duty to set a good example since it is the country's largest employer as the country's biggest employer but it is instead recurring to bad practice.

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Observer1 It is clear that Dr Dalli was using a metaphor. In every language, anatomical metaphors are used to refer to social, political and other phenomena. E.g. "bla qalb", "bla snien", "bla demm" etc. The expression "bla bajd" or "bla kukki" does not mean "without testicles" metaphorically. I do not believe that Dr Dalli has seen our PM in the nude.
M Saliba
mouinho jealousy gets you nowhere, None of the Pn members of parliament are as intelligent, capable and good looking as Dr. Dalli.Ikkastrat is very mild compared to what your wanna be leader called us labourites. Good on you Dr. Dalli give it to them.
Is sinjura Dalli , ilbierah fuq is super one, apparti li kkritikat lill- gvern, li kulhadd ghandu d -dritt jikkritika....ghogoba taghajjar lill- Prim Ministru li hu IKKASTRAT Ara vera trid tkun hammalla, baxxa u bla ebda sens ta edukazzjoni biex tparla b dan il mod !! Din hi li suppost wara l elezzjoni li gejja ha jkolla xi tip ta ministeru u tirraprezenta lil kostitiuenti taghha fil parlament ?? Nahseb ilha ma thares naqra fil mera is sinjura Dalli !!!!
Yanika Chetcuti
Ms Dalli, in all probability you would be faced with a hostile civil service on re-election. 25 years of politically motivated recruitment would have replaced the semi senior, senior and top managers in the public service with Nationalists. Expect a time of conflict, as new board and top level appointees would endeavour to calm and replace rouge public servants whose allegiance is far greater to the PN than to the Government in office. This scenario coupled with the horrendous financial situation you will discover when an exhaustive audit is carried out, will lead to a period of serious national instability. Be prepared.
mario delicata
Dan il-gvern (jekk tista ssejjahlu hekk!) wettaq kull oxxenita politika li qatt wiehed jista jimmagina. Il-gwaj hu li l-poplu ma ghadux jiskandalizza ruhu, u ghalhekk sar hajjen bhal min wettaqhom. Naqtghuha li nghidu li morna lura f'sens ekonomiku biss! Fil-moralita pubblika morna lura bahar. Meta tisma, perezempju, li mietet tfajla ghax zewg kunsilli jibbisticcjaw qishom tfal turik x'alabiebizmu ghawn. Sar pajjiz li jbezzhek bl-egoizmu, s-senefregizmu u l-gula li jregguh. U fejn kien Gonzi, li tant ihobb dak hu rett? Indunajt jien, dudu t' l-art, ma' jindunax hu? Mela tela biex jindokra l-poter biss, dan jew?

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