Franco Debono removes libellous blogpost calling Gonzi ‘Malta’s Hitler’

Nationalist MP’s blog carried its most pungent attack on Prime Minister today when Gonzi was equated to Adolf Hitler.

Franco Debono (right) has removed what was probably a libellous blogpost.
Franco Debono (right) has removed what was probably a libellous blogpost.

Good sense must have prevailed after Nationalist MP Franco Debono removed a blogpost in which he dubbed Lawrence Gonzi "Malta's Hitler" in his most pungent, if libellous, attack on the prime minister.

The MP - who has decided not to support the government in the next Budget, which means Gonzi will have to go for elections - said: "Gonzi will go down in history as Malta's Hitler. I can say that after what he made me and this country go through. With his blessing campaigns of moral violence to exterminate those who disagree with him and the Clique are the order of the day."

Debono has broken practically all relations with the PN after he was banned from contesting the forthcoming elections on the party ticket, for voting in favour of an Opposition motion that prompted the resignation of home affairs minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici.

On his part, Debono is claiming he has received death threats in an SMS from a PN supporter, who was traced down by the police.

Debono will not be supporting the government in the Budget unless transport minister Austin Gatt resigns. Debono has also presented a motion of no-confidence against the minister, but the House Business Committee has so far not agreed on the agenda for the debate of this motion.

On his part, Gatt has declared he will not resign before the Budget.

"With Austin Gatt in cabinet I will not support the government. From then onwards, Gonzi is a real gambler to take risks," Debono wrote. "Should a PM who knows from months before that the Budget would not pass, waste the country's time and present the Budget just the same?"

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dejjem tista taghmel bhal JPO u ma jinhelliex aktar zmien ftit inqas kliem imma aktar azzjoni.
franco inti ghandek kull dritt li tivvota kif trid fuq il budget, imma m'ghandek l-ebda dritt li tindahal lil prim ministru x'ghandu jghamel. issa li qed tara it tmiem politiku tieghek riesaq qed taqa fil-baxx. il gvern gabek f'rokna u l-uniku triq li fadallek hi li tivvota kontra budget posittiv ghal maltin u b'hekk se tkun ikkundannat min kulhadd. franco it will be better for you to resign and leave this beloved country for ever.
Franco, Franco, I thought you knew better. That is almost as bad as the remark a certain magistrate made about Mellieha people in the last few days. Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. By the way I am still waiting for the magistrate to publicly apologize to the people of Mellieha for his irresponsible comment. Hoss fl-ilma.
Luke Camilleri
GonziPN has hurt Franco Debono too much for Franco to go back. Franco is human after all and I feel that at the way he got treated by whoever controls GonziPN & Co., there is no way left but for him to disassociate himself COMPLETELY and just do like JPO did - GO INDEPENDENT, BE HIS OWN MAN and present his resignation from the PN benches to Mr. Speaker! He’ll most certainly feel better, the PN is no Clan for Franco to feel a part of!

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