Poverty in Malta discussed in Brussels

Maltese Delegation of the Anti-Poverty Network welcomed by MEP Abela Baldacchino.

MEP Claudette Abela Baldacchino said that poverty in Malta as well in other European countries could be addressed if the project 'Social Europe' is placed in the heart of the EU agenda.

Abela Baldacchino met with the Maltese delegation of the European Anti-Poverty Network, currently participating in a conference which brings together anti-poverty throughout the EU.

Fr Saviour Grima from the Millenium Chapel, and Fr Emanuel Cordina from Oasi head the Maltese delegation.

The rest of the delegation is made up of two Maltese who were invited to share their poverty experience, and a refugee currently residing at the Marsa open centre.

@Claudette Abela You are wasting your time on this issue. AS long as the elderly young and family people keep stairing the lotto office, I don,t believe in this social subject. Job vacancies everywhere in Malta for the lazy people. Poverty does not belong to our country. The lazy people that make the subject POVERTY